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Is it love?

Sun 27th Jul 2014

Is It Love?

Leaning lifelessly like a mannequin’s limb

With one blue eye drowned in another’s green envy

‘Dear John’ I wrote, regular as a breath

To declare on the phone would work without voice

Sweet Susie, don’t complain – I chose you under the tree

But, in an orchard too far to slip through the leaves

Can you not find another way to scare me?

Without expression burns your blind stare, cold.

Maybe in a dream I slept to a secret truth

As your neck hangs stiff over an outstretched arm

Perhaps I knew….

When the fading of screams comes to a head

You were never alive so can you ever be dead?

Am I here or are you there?

Confusion moulds my mind to air

Show me a smile, or sigh with grief

Prove to me you are complete

Who’s on the wrong side, it’s just not clear

I saved you from your window, spared your fear

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