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Song For Freedom

Mon 19th Jun 2017

What do you think of this light and life that shines within us?
trapped in a web of laced ice
I think we can melt it if we try

If we speak not sigh, nor sit back for chaos to rein and rise
the fire cannot be reduced to its embers when freedom is so near
fear only those who hate through ignorance

A single raindrop can start the storm
if it hits the ground just right
a watermark for change, for peace
an echoing tear for the skies remorse and all it has seen

It is this tear that begins to chase the darkness away
it is this tear that awakens hope

We all have voices and tongues to speak in this landscape of the many
with open hearts and open ears
we stand and sing for the next sunrise

© Kay Channon

About the author:
Kay is a poet and PhD student in her first year of study at the University of Chichester in West Sussex. Earlier this year her debut poetry collection The Dark Side of Light was published by Bardic Media and is available through Amazon, Wordery or Blackwells. She is currently engaged in academic and performative research exploring the themes of dark ecology, disability and co-existence.
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