. Alone | London Progressive Journal
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Mon 14th May 2018


If you are broke. 
If you are black. 
If you are a Muslim. 
If you are Hispanic. 
If you are an orphan. 
If your mother is single. 
If you work zero hours. 
If you are a woman. 
If you are disabled. 
If you are a rape victim. 
If you are in prison. 

You are alone
If you are not a wasp
With its sting
Made just for you. 

You are alone 
If you ask for justice. 

You are alone
When a Palestinian
Amongst Arabs
Or a deaf amongst 
The speechifiers 
Or a speaker amidst
The silence of tears. 

Palestine is silent murder
And the deaf celebrate
In a Jerusalem.

You are alone. 


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