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Venezuela’s Only Contacts with FARC were for Humanitarian Exchange Says Minister

by James Suggett

Fri 23rd May 2008
Venezuela's foreign minister has refuted US-sourced allegations that Hugo Chavez has been financing the Colombian rebel group FARC.... [read more]

I'll Huff and I'll Puff....

by Beatrice Windsor

Fri 23rd May 2008
To speak of "natural" disasters is to indulge in a misnomer. Inequality, very much a man-made phenomenon, has greatly exacerbated the human cost of a spate of natural disasters in recent years. ... [read more]

China and Myanmar: Contrasting Government Responses to Natural Disasters

by Ian Broughton

Fri 16th May 2008
With thousands killed in natural disasters in both Myanmar and China, Ian Broughton compares the murderous neglect of Myanmar's government with the more progressive stance adopted by China.... [read more]

Cyclone Nargis: Exposing Forgotten Truths About the Burmese junta

by Safreena Rajan

Fri 16th May 2008
Illegitimate, out of touch and increasingly isolated, the Burmese junta may struggle to regain its former prominence in the aftermath of Cyclone Nagis. ... [read more]

Cultural Values and the “Amstetten case”: what the International and Austrian Media are Saying About Josef Fritzl

by Alexa Van Sickle

Fri 16th May 2008
Alexa Van Sickle dissects the response of national and international media to the Josef Fritzl scandal.... [read more]

Green Belt – A False Blessing

by Anton Howes

Fri 16th May 2008
Anton Howes believes affordable housing and environmentally-friendly urban living provides a more viable long-term solution to climate change than the false utopianism of the "Green Belt".... [read more]

Mounting Evidence of Colombian President’s Involvement in Massacre

by Justice For Colombia

Fri 16th May 2008
A "Justice For Colombia" report on the mounting evidence of President Uribe's involvement in a civilian massacre eleven years ago. ... [read more]

The Union Busters

by William Roche

Fri 16th May 2008
William Roche on the ongoing tradition of intimidation and manipulation aimed at undermining industrial democracy and equality. ... [read more]

How to Build a Human Bomb

by George Monbiot

Fri 16th May 2008
George Monbiot argues that the Guantanamo Bay concetration camp is an affront to the very idea of justice.... [read more]

Is Bolivia’s “Pink Tide” Being Forced to Turn?

by Joanna Allan

Fri 9th May 2008
Joanna Allan on the elite-led autonomist rebellion which threatens to undermine unity and progress in Bolivia.... [read more]

Ken is a Loss for London

by Tom Miller

Fri 9th May 2008
Despite his flaws, Ken Livingstone was a mayor Londoners could be proud of.... [read more]

Let's Put People before Profits - If not now, then When?

by Noel Hatch

Fri 9th May 2008
Noel Hatch attributes Labour's electoral demise to its total abandonment of an egalitarian agenda.... [read more]

Election Analysis from the Left List

by Left List

Fri 9th May 2008
Left-wing coalition group Left List offer their verdict on the local elections.... [read more]

The USA Today: Weariness, Despair, Indifference

by Robert Israel

Fri 9th May 2008
Robert Israel sees, in Canada, a hint of a more inclusive and hopeful political culture in North America.... [read more]

Brown's Failure to Pursue a Progressive Policy on Taxation is Alienating Labour's Core Support

by Matt Genner

Fri 9th May 2008
Matt Genner believes the Tories' local election success shows Gordon Brown must be bolder.... [read more]

Shadow Networks: Violence, War and Plunder in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

by Daniel Pye

Fri 2nd May 2008
Colonial rivalry and capitalist exploitation are at the heart of the violence in the Congo.... [read more]

Palm Oil or Orang-utans? We Must Soon Decide Which we Prefer

by Chris Bath

Fri 2nd May 2008
Chris Bath on the campaign for greater regulation of the palm oil trade.... [read more]

The Sean Bell Verdict: Another Mockery of Justice for Black America

by Erica Cardwell

Fri 2nd May 2008
New York poet Erica Cardwell believes the Sean Bell verdict shows black life is cheap in the US justice system. ... [read more]

There Can Be Only One: Fuel Versus Food

by Victor Petroff

Fri 2nd May 2008
Victor Petroff believes a drastic change in energy policy is required to combat both climate change and the world food crisis. ... [read more]

A Simple Solution to the Housing Crisis

by Anton Howes

Fri 2nd May 2008
Anton Howes believes a Land Value Tax would produce a fairer housing market.... [read more]

The Great Consolidation

by George Monbiot

Fri 2nd May 2008
George Monbiot on New Labour's ongoing attack on the NHS.... [read more]