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Interview: George Monbiot Talks to London Progressive Journal

by Haseeb Khokhar

Fri 15th Feb 2008
London Progressive Journal's Haseeb Khokhar spoke to prominent climate change campaigner George Monbiot.... [read more]

Brown's Taxation U-Turn Shows Labour Is In Thrall To Big Business....Again

by Matt Genner

Fri 15th Feb 2008
Labour's U-turn on non-domicile tax threatens their credibility and electoral prospects.... [read more]

Brown's Reactionary Britishness

by Niklas Albin Svensson

Fri 15th Feb 2008
The PM wants to celebrate Britishness...what does he mean?... [read more]

Anti-FARC March Only Tells Part Of the Story

by Samuele Mazzolini

Fri 15th Feb 2008
As millions march against the FARC in Colombia, Samuele Mazzolini considers the wider context of Colombia's internal security problems.... [read more]

Florida Cubans and Republican Foreign Policy

by Alexa Van Sickle

Fri 8th Feb 2008
Alexa Van Sickle on the influence of Florida's Cuban exile community.... [read more]

Nigeria: Corruption Pays

by Ian Broughton

Fri 8th Feb 2008
Ian Broughton compares the situation in Kenya with recent history in Nigeria.... [read more]

Death of the Noble Idea

by George Monbiot

Fri 8th Feb 2008
Big money trumps everything in politics, even the most dearly-held beliefs.... [read more]

In Like Flint...

by Anthony Healy

Fri 8th Feb 2008
Anthony Healy considers proposed changes to the council housing system.... [read more]