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Israeli General Escapes Arrest At Heathrow As UK Adopts Soft Stance on Alleged War Criminals

by Chris Bath

Fri 29th Feb 2008
Chris Bath believes the UK is becoming a soft touch for alleged war criminals wishing to evade prosecution. ... [read more]

How To Solve A Problem Like Auschwitz

by Hussein Al-alak

Fri 29th Feb 2008
The British government plans to educate children about the horrors of mass murder by sending them to visit the Auschwitz death camps.... [read more]


by George Monbiot

Fri 29th Feb 2008
George Monbiot considers the implications of attempts to reverse progress on abortion.... [read more]

This Week in the Media: Government Private Sector Bailouts, and the Furore Over Sharia

by David Floyd

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
David Floyd believes the government's bailout of multibillon-pound private-sector companies is a big waste of everyone's time and money.... [read more]

Working the "Graveyard Shift" (U.S.)

by Josh Lucker

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
Josh Lucker considers the effects of night work on workers' health.... [read more]

New Versus Old Right In Paraguay's Presidential Election

by Ben Dangl

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
Ben Dangl looks at the candidates on offer in Paraguay's Presidential election.... [read more]

Secession: If It Feels Good, Do It

by Richard Maidu

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
Richard Maidu considers the questions raised by the inception of Europe's newest state.... [read more]

Anti-Deportation Campaign Gathers Speed

by Sara Hall

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
Friends of Guy Njike put up a fight to stop his deportation.... [read more]

An Exchange of Souls

by George Monbiot

Fri 22nd Feb 2008
As government documents show, Sir Nicholas Stern accidentally launched a trade in human lives.... [read more]

Arms Spending Dwarfs Commitment to Development Goals

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Fri 15th Feb 2008
World leaders struggle to meet development goals; military spending remains sky-high.... [read more]

Popular Entertainment Update: Britney Spears in Trouble, Martin Amis is Not a Racist

by David Floyd

Fri 15th Feb 2008
David Floyd feels sorry for semi-clothed pop megastar Britney Spears, a product of turbocapitalism.... [read more]

Interview: George Monbiot Talks to London Progressive Journal

by Haseeb Khokhar

Fri 15th Feb 2008
London Progressive Journal's Haseeb Khokhar spoke to prominent climate change campaigner George Monbiot.... [read more]

Brown's Taxation U-Turn Shows Labour Is In Thrall To Big Business....Again

by Matt Genner

Fri 15th Feb 2008
Labour's U-turn on non-domicile tax threatens their credibility and electoral prospects.... [read more]

Brown's Reactionary Britishness

by Niklas Albin Svensson

Fri 15th Feb 2008
The PM wants to celebrate Britishness...what does he mean?... [read more]

Anti-FARC March Only Tells Part Of the Story

by Samuele Mazzolini

Fri 15th Feb 2008
As millions march against the FARC in Colombia, Samuele Mazzolini considers the wider context of Colombia's internal security problems.... [read more]

Florida Cubans and Republican Foreign Policy

by Alexa Van Sickle

Fri 8th Feb 2008
Alexa Van Sickle on the influence of Florida's Cuban exile community.... [read more]