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Banks versus the People: The Underside of a Rigged Game! (Part 2)

by Eric Toussaint

Sat 17th Aug 2013
The European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve are at the service of the major private banks... [read more]

International Relations and the Classroom

by Faysal Mikdadi

Sat 17th Aug 2013
We in Britain are often subject to the age old criticism of being insular and self engrossed. Whereas this is not strictly speaking true, there is an element of truth in this belief... [read more]

The Failure of Innovation in the Anglo-Saxon Economies

by George Tait Edwards

Tue 13th Aug 2013
George Tait Edwards examines the role of innovation in economic development... [read more]

EU Urgently Needs To Put Its Democracy In Order

by David Eade

Fri 9th Aug 2013
David Eade argues that democracy is under threat across the entire European Union... [read more]

The Public Debt of Japan and China – Funded by Investment Credit Creation or by Foreign Borrowing?

by George Tait Edwards

Fri 9th Aug 2013
Economist George Tait Edwards puts paid to rumours of impending financial crises in Japan and China... [read more]

The Palestinian Right to Education

by Faysal Mikdadi

Fri 9th Aug 2013
Dr Faysal Mikdadi explains how education is the key to Palestinian liberation and democracy... [read more]

Resurrecting woolly mammoths is exciting – but it's a fantasy

by George Monbiot

Wed 7th Aug 2013
De-extinction sounds like a great idea. But there’s a problem most people have overlooked, writes George Monbiot.... [read more]

Collapse in Support for Democracy

by David Eade

Tue 6th Aug 2013
David Eade looks at the indicators suggesting Spaniards are losing faith in democracy... [read more]

Media prejudice

by Felix McHugh

Sun 4th Aug 2013
The 6 o'clock news may not have mentioned it but an investigation by the BBC Trust criticised John Humphrys' The Future of the Welfare State... [read more]

How we are gentrified, impoverished and silenced – if we allow it

by John Pilger

Sat 3rd Aug 2013
Momentous change almost always begins with the courage of people taking back their own lives against the odds, writes John Pilger.... [read more]

Treasure hunt in Wendish Lusatia

by Tomaš Kappa

Fri 2nd Aug 2013
Tomaš Kappa tells a story about Germany’s biggest secret and a scandal, its treatment of the Sorbian people ... [read more]

The Origin of Shimomura’s Japanese Economic Miracle, or the Second Economic Bomb - Japan from 1946 to 1965 (Economic miracles Part 2)

by George Tait Edwards

Thu 1st Aug 2013
Japan was the first Asian country to demonstrate how a self-confident culture, with adequate leadership, could rapidly adopt Western industrial technologies while preserving the integrity of their domestic cultural legacy... [read more]

Marxism, the Taliban and Plato

by Thomas Riggins

Tue 30th Jul 2013
Recently Simon Blackburn, the well known British philosopher, reviewed "Knowing Right from Wrong," the new book by Kieran Setiya, in the TLS... [read more]

It’s Franco’s heart that beats in Madrid

by David Eade

Mon 29th Jul 2013
No Gibraltarian, and come to that anybody living in the real world, will believe the confrontations at sea last week over the reef laying and the six hour car queues to leave Gibraltar at the weekend were anything but linked, writes David Eade.... [read more]

The Key Relevance of the Writings of Professor Kenneth Kenkichi Kurihara

by George Tait Edwards

Sun 28th Jul 2013
George Tait Edwards explains how the writings of economist Kenneth Kurihara serve as the gateway to understanding Shimomuran high-growth economics ... [read more]

Why Will Labour Not Readmit Me?

by David Lindsay

Sat 27th Jul 2013
On 12th May, I re-joined the Fabian Society and the Christian Socialist Movement, writes David Lindsay... [read more]

Education for the Masses

by Elijah Pryor

Sat 27th Jul 2013
If education served to empower people, they would be taught how to live off the land, how to clean, how to talk to other people and how to pursue their own interests... [read more]

Who is killing the people of Iraq?

by Hussein Al-alak

Fri 26th Jul 2013
The United Nations recently warned that the ongoing turmoil inside Syria and Iraq has formed a situation where "the battlefields are merging” into one, writes Hussein Al-Alak... [read more]

For Whom the Cock Crows

by Thomas Riggins

Fri 26th Jul 2013
Thomas Riggins discusses Marx's 1844 article on Hegel's philosophy of law... [read more]

The Martian

by Faysal Mikdadi

Tue 23rd Jul 2013
A Martian landed in the woods near Thomas Hardy's Cottage... ... [read more]

Reading Lenin: Materialism and Empiro-criticism Part 10

by Thomas Riggins

Mon 22nd Jul 2013
Thomas Riggins analyses Chapter Two; Sections Five and Six of Lenin's Materialism and Empiro-criticism... [read more]