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Signs of resistance to NATO-installed government in Libya

by Derek Ford

Sat 26th Nov 2011
One month after the official “liberation” of Libya was declared, the authority of the National Transition Council remains tenuous at best and the country remains in a state of chaos, says Derek Ford.... [read more]

Bankers' Coups D'etat in Southern Europe

by Steven Colatrella

Fri 25th Nov 2011
Steven Colatrella unveils that the very tenets of democracy in Europe are under threat as finance capital launches the first of its coups d'etat in Greece and Italy.... [read more]

Telling the Players with a Scorecard

by Steven Colatrella

Thu 24th Nov 2011
How politics is manifested as economics and economics as politics should concern us right now, argues Steven Colatrella.... [read more]

The War on Libya: Behind Appearances - Part 2

by Daniel Robicheau

Wed 23rd Nov 2011
An in-depth critique and analysis of the beginnings of the civil war in Libya and what was at stake for all parties involved in the final conflict, split into three parts. (Part 2)... [read more]

The Corporate Welfare State

by George Monbiot

Tue 22nd Nov 2011
Despite the crisis, it’s still socialism for the 1 per cent, capitalism for the rest.... [read more]

Weimar Revisited

by Uri Avnery

Tue 22nd Nov 2011
Uri Avnery explains how the three main pillars of Israeli democracy - the courts, the media and the human rights organisations - are under threat from the political right. ... [read more]

The secret to obtaining DLA

by Felix McHugh

Sat 19th Nov 2011
Welfare rights worker Felix McHugh reports that, contrary to regularly repeated rumours, obtaining Disability Living Allowance is much harder than many are led to believe... [read more]

Get lost, Petrobras! (Or do I mean Brazil?)

by David Hill

Sat 19th Nov 2011
David Hill reports that a Brazilian company plans to drill for oil within a section of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest causing massive ecological destruction and disruption to the lives of the Indigenous people living there. ... [read more]

The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become...

by Jean Claude van Itallie

Sat 19th Nov 2011
Jean Claude Van Itallie shows how a recent crackdown on Occupy protesters in the US will only bring more people out into the streets, as the 99% realise they have the power. ... [read more]

The War on Libya: Behind Appearances - Part 1

by Daniel Robicheau

Fri 18th Nov 2011
An in-depth critique and analysis of the beginnings of the civil war in Libya and what was at stake for all parties involved in the final conflict, split into three parts.... [read more]

Questions for Capitalists

by outRageous!

Wed 16th Nov 2011
outRageous! has some questions for Capitalists... [read more]

''You are fed up with him?''

by Uri Avnery

Tue 15th Nov 2011
Uri Avnery gives his opinion on a recent leaked conversation between Presidents Obama and Sarkozy... [read more]

A violent double standard

by Phil Bates

Tue 15th Nov 2011
Phil Bates cast an eye on David Cameron's hypocrisy and the recent threat of rubber bullets being used by police... [read more]

Voters swing behind the PCE on its 90th anniversary

by David Eade

Mon 14th Nov 2011
David Eade recounts the history of the Communist Party of Spain and shows that the party still has influence in Spanish politics... [read more]

There’s an elephant in the room

by David Foley

Sat 12th Nov 2011
In the first of our series of political poetry, David Foley waxes lyrical in his song about bankers' bonuses and bailouts. ... [read more]

Gaza Boats Seized, but ‘Freedom Waves’ Will Continue

by Ramzy Baroud

Sat 12th Nov 2011
Despite the Israeli government’s continued aggression towards humanitarian aid ships sailing to Gaza, Ramzy Baroud shows how the aid flotillas show no sign of giving in to intimidation. ... [read more]

Women Leaders key to post-conflict development on Bougainville

by Catherine Wilson

Sat 12th Nov 2011
Following a recent trip to the island, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the end of the Bougainville Civil War, Catherine Wilson reports on the role women played in bringing peace to the island.... [read more]

Wearing Your Heart on Your Lapel

by W Stephen Gilbert

Fri 11th Nov 2011
W Stephen Gilbert reflects on the politics of poppy wearing, its dissociation in popular society from what it actually represents and its hijacking by politicians. ... [read more]

Occupy Italy: the missing country and the missed opportunity

by Patrizia Bertini

Fri 11th Nov 2011
Patrizia Bertini comments on the slow beginnings of the Occupy Italy movement but notes that in recent days events have been picking up pace... [read more]

Taking a look at L.H.O.O.Q

by outRageous!

Fri 11th Nov 2011
outRageous! gives a critique of the first edition of L.H.O.O.Q- a new online culture magazine... [read more]

The Son of Africa claims a continent’s crown jewels

by John Pilger

Thu 10th Nov 2011
John Pilger denounces American imperialist strategy in Africa ... [read more]