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Zionists Outraged as Holocaust Memorial Day Recognises Other Genocides

by Amanda Sebestyen

Fri 12th Feb 2010
A number of recent initiatives have sought to place the narratives of Armenian, Rwandan and other genocide victims alongside the memory of the Jewish Holocaust. A vocal hardcore of Zionist bigots has reacted in predictable fashion, as Amanda Sebestyen explains.... [read more]

Venezuela’s Chavez Calls for Calm after Violent Protests

by Tamara Pearson

Fri 5th Feb 2010
A concerted campaign of destablisation from Venezuela's corporate media has fomented violent anti-Chavez demonstrations by right-wing students in Merida, as Tamara Pearson reports.... [read more]

The Kangaroo

by Uri Avnery

Fri 5th Feb 2010
A year into his presidency, Barack Obama has achieved relatively little in the foreign policy sphere. Uri Avnery urges him to keep trying.... [read more]

From Gaza to Lebanon: Beware the Iron Wall, the Coming War

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 5th Feb 2010
Israeli military strategists are planning for a new offensive against Lebanon, as Ramzy Baroud explains.... [read more]

Haitian Tragedy and White Man’s Burden Redux

by Ben Selwyn

Fri 5th Feb 2010
International reaction to the catastrophe in Haiti has had a distinctly neo-colonial flavour, says Ben Selwyn.... [read more]

Tribe or Nation? A Critical Look at Background to the Current Irish Scene

by Roy Johnston

Fri 5th Feb 2010
Irish politics has been back in the UK media limelight in recent weeks and months. Veteran campaigner Roy Johnston sets out a condensed history of the political dimension of the Irish independence struggle.... [read more]

Book of the Month: 'Common Wealth' by Martin Large

by John Green

Fri 29th Jan 2010
John Green reviews this month's recommended read, which takes a critical look at the increasing dominance of corporate interests over civil society.... [read more]

Retrospective: Interview with Howard Zinn

by Daniel Pye

Fri 29th Jan 2010
The radical historian and activist Howard Zinn died this week, aged 87. In 2008, he gave this interview with London Progressive Journal's Daniel Pye.... [read more]

Who Cares About Carers?

by Will Stone

Fri 29th Jan 2010
Will Stone on the desperate need for radical reform of the UK's woefully under-funded social care system.... [read more]

Violent Clashes Shake Venezuela

by James Suggett

Fri 29th Jan 2010
A new law prohibiting Venezuela's corporate media from inciting violence against the Chavez government has prompted violent demonstrations from right-wing student groups, as James Suggett explains.... [read more]

A Bounty for Blair’s Arrest

by George Monbiot

Fri 29th Jan 2010
George Monbiot on why he has launched a new fund to reward people who attempt to arrest Britan's former prime minister.... [read more]

British Stars Stand up for Haiti

by Campaign Advertisement

Fri 29th Jan 2010
A concert in London, jointly organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and the TUC, will raise funds for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.... [read more]

Product Placement – Why UK Television Viewers Should be Worried

by John Green

Fri 22nd Jan 2010
The UK government is bowing to business pressure and looking to lift the ban on product placement in television programmes, as John Green explains.... [read more]

Iran, Israel and Latin America: The Media States Its Case

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 22nd Jan 2010
Ramzy Baroud scrutinises the mainstream media consensus on the designated enemies of the US.... [read more]

Soldiers for Hire

by Melanie Macdonald

Fri 22nd Jan 2010
Melanie Macdonald on the dangerous and disturbing proliferation of neo-colonial private militias.... [read more]

Women Who Fantasise About Group Sex Can Be Lawfully Raped, Says UK Court

by Peter Tatchell

Fri 22nd Jan 2010
A recent rape case at Preston Crown Court has shed light on the misogynistic logic used to determine the credibility of alleged rape victims, as Peter Tatchell explains.... [read more]

Venezuela Steps Up Aid Effort to Haiti and Questions US Military Deployment

by Kiraz Janicke

Fri 22nd Jan 2010
Kiraz Janicke on the Venezuelan government's response to the humanitarian crisis in Haiti.... [read more]

Return to Family Values is Way Out of Crisis say the Tories

by John Green

Fri 15th Jan 2010
The Conservative Party started their election campaign on familiar ground, as John Green explains.... [read more]

Berlusconi: Europe's Real Pandemic

by Paolo Mossetti

Fri 15th Jan 2010
The enormous popularity of Italy's right-wing demagogue is a reflection of the corrupt cynicism of contemporary mass culture, argues Paolo Mossetti.... [read more]

Teachers' Union Opposes Government's 'Licence to Teach' Proposal

by Christine Blower

Fri 15th Jan 2010
The government's plan to impose a 'licencing' system on the teaching profession is bureaucratic and unworkable, says Christine Blower.... [read more]

Heroes of the 21st Century

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Fri 15th Jan 2010
The first decade of the 21st Century has been marred by violence, militarism and oppression in the Global South. But there has also been resistance. Tomasz Pierscionek profiles some of the radical heroes of the past ten years.... [read more]