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The US and Colombian Roles in the Honduran Crisis

by Garry Leech

Fri 30th Oct 2009
Garry Leech argues that the US role in the Honduran crisis represents a continuation of the traditional US approach towards democracy in Central America.... [read more]

Preview of Ramzy Baroud's 'My Father was a Freedom Fighter'

by Stephen Lendman

Fri 30th Oct 2009
Stephen Lendman previews the forthcoming book by journalist, campaigner and regular London Progressive Journal contributor Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Venezuela Captures Two Colombian Intelligence Agents Accused of Spying

by James Suggett

Fri 30th Oct 2009
James Suggett on how a row over espionage is exacerbating the intense friction between the Chavez government and the US-backed Uribe regime in Colombia.... [read more]

End the Embargo on Cuba

by Rob Miller

Fri 30th Oct 2009
Rob Miller calls on the US and UK governments to end the anachronistic, brutal and illegal blockade of Cuba.... [read more]

Volunteer Roles at CAAT

by Advertisement

Fri 30th Oct 2009
Campaign Against the Arms Trade are looking to fill two volunteer roles.... [read more]

War, Negation and Muslim Identity Revisited

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
Ramzy Baroud on the reductionist caricatures which underpin the supposed 'clash of civilizations' between the West and Islam.... [read more]

Economic Crisis and Political Alienation

by Rick Wolff

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
Lack of popular participation in the political process is both a cause and an effect of the present crisis, as Rick Wolff explains.... [read more]

Surrogates: Who's Behind the Attacks in Iran? (part one)

by Daniel Pye

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
In the first of a two-part essay examining the background to the recent terrorist attack in Iran, Daniel Pye looks at the US government's employment of proxy armies or 'surrogates' in its bid for strategic control of the Middle East. ... [read more]

Popular Pressure is the Only Way Now

by Jeremy Corbyn

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
Jeremy Corbyn MP urges Londoners to take to the streets on Saturday in protest at the disastrous Afghan war.... [read more]

The Looming Threat of Terror that Comes From the Far Right

by Johann Hari

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
The threat comes not only from jihadis but 'neo-Nazis' out to kill black people, Jews and gays, says Johann Hari.... [read more]

Obama’s Test: Democracy or Chaos in Latin America

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 16th Oct 2009
Will the Obama administration break with tradition and provide US support for democracy in Latin America? Probably not, if the Honduras coup is anything to go by, says Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Ousted: US Diplomat Who Wanted Inquiry into Afghan vote

by Rupert Cornwell

Fri 16th Oct 2009
US representative Peter Galbraith was recalled by the United Nations after a row over the disputed Afghan election, as Rupert Cornwell explains.... [read more]

Youth Unemployment - Nearly at the Million Mark

by Steve Jones

Fri 16th Oct 2009
Steve Jones on the deteriorating state of the British economy under New Labour's so-called 'third way'.... [read more]

The Global Struggle for Queer Freedom

by Peter Tatchell

Fri 16th Oct 2009
Delivering the 2009 Caroline Benn Memorial Lecture, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell hailed the ongoing defiance of the world's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the face of deeply-entrenched homophobic prejudice.... [read more]

Venezuelan Poll: Chavez Enjoys 62.4% Approval Rating

by Tamara Pearson

Fri 16th Oct 2009
Tamara Pearson on the results of a recent survey which suggests high approval ratings for Chavez, but relatively low ratings for his party.... [read more]

Voting Reform Will Empower the Left

by Peter Tatchell

Fri 9th Oct 2009
Changing Britain's electoral system would benefit Labour and radicalise politics, says Peter Tatchell... [read more]

Justice in Shades

by George Monbiot

Fri 9th Oct 2009
A damning judgement on army killings suggests that officials at every level have covered up torture and murder, as George Monbiot explains.... [read more]

Chavez: Opposition Student Protests Defend Impunity and Corruption

by Kiraz Janicke

Fri 9th Oct 2009
Kiraz Janicke on Hugo Chavez's assessment of Venezuela's opposition student movement.... [read more]

Interview: Malalai Joya Talks to London Progressive Journal

by Steven Littlewood

Fri 9th Oct 2009
Steven Littlewood spoke with prominent Afghan pro-democracy campaigner Malalai Joya about elections, imperialism and the turmoil in Afghanistan.... [read more]

The 'Boris Keep Your Promise' Campaign

by Jennifer Drew

Fri 9th Oct 2009
Jennifer Drew on how London's mayor reneged on an election promise of funding for Rape Crisis Centres in London.... [read more]

TUC Takes an Important Step Forward

by John Haylett

Fri 2nd Oct 2009
John Haylett applauds the TUC's assertiveness in supporting a boycott of Israel.... [read more]