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Embellishing the Iraq War: Moral Victory, and Selective Body Counts

by Ramzy Baroud

Mon 26th Dec 2011
Someone ought to let mainstream news producers know that the nearly 4,500 US soldiers killed in the Iraq war were not the only victims. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have also been killed as a result of the US invasion, says Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Once in Unreal David's (Big) Society

by W Stephen Gilbert

Fri 23rd Dec 2011
Stephen Gilbert asks whether Britain is a Christian country and whether Cameron's coalition government lives up to the Christian values he professes... [read more]

Christopher Hitchens - an obit and opinion

by John Wight

Wed 21st Dec 2011
Amid the avalanche of articles and obituaries written in tribute to Christopher Hitchens in the wake of his recent passing, we have been reacquainted with the essential condition of western liberalism - moral depravity, says John Wight. ... [read more]

Ban the Spanish Royal family from business

by David Eade

Tue 20th Dec 2011
David Eade looks at allegations of a business scandal involving members of the Spanish royal family... [read more]

Why capitalism likes us to behave irrationally

by John Green

Mon 19th Dec 2011
It’s a great irony that although human beings, as distinct from other animals, are characterised by their ability for rational thinking, so much of our behaviour is irrational, argues John Green.... [read more]

Masked in Gaza: The Untold History of Palestinian ‘Militancy’

by Ramzy Baroud

Sun 18th Dec 2011
It really doesn’t take much to kill a ‘militant’ in Gaza, argues Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Embracing the Working Time Directive

by Karl Davis

Sat 17th Dec 2011
Karl Davis has some advice for David Cameron... [read more]

The Bible of the revolution and its Quran

by Iqbal Tamimi

Fri 16th Dec 2011
The 2011 revolution of the people of Egypt shocked the international community on many different levels, says Iqbal Tamimi.... [read more]

False Evidence Appearing Real

by Bryan G. Taylor

Thu 15th Dec 2011
There is profit to be made in keeping the public fearful, Bryan G Taylor explains... [read more]

Legoviews ~ Goodbye yellow brick road!

by Patrizia Bertini

Wed 14th Dec 2011
In the first of her interviews using the novel 'Lego Serious Play' method, Patrizia Bertini speaks to one of the occupiers at the OccupyLSX camp.... [read more]

Cancer patients: throw off the chains of dependancy

by Felix McHugh

Wed 14th Dec 2011
Felix McHugh looks at the how the Coalition government plans to cut Employment and Support Allowance to further impoverish those who have the least... [read more]

Unmasking the Press

by George Monbiot

Tue 13th Dec 2011
The corporate newspapers are the elite’s enforcers, misrepresenting the sources of oppression, says George Monbiot.... [read more]

The call for a UK amendment on the EU

by David Lindsay

Tue 13th Dec 2011
There is a rising tide of Euroscepticism within mainstream political parties and on the floors of national Parliaments throughout the European Union, says David Lindsay.... [read more]

Marxist Historians Map Out an Agenda for Today

by David Morgan

Mon 12th Dec 2011
If the evidence of the successes of recent events is anything to go by, interest in the socialist approach to history is on the increase, which is probably no surprise given the turbulent and uncertain times in which we currently live, says David Morgan.... [read more]

What a £ot of Balls!

by outRageous!

Mon 12th Dec 2011
outRageous! thinks sports have gone Doo-£ally!... [read more]

Poor's show

by W Stephen Gilbert

Sun 11th Dec 2011
Ever since the decline of European Socialism in the 1980s and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the ’90s, capitalism has considered itself king of the world and has behaved accordingly, says W Stephen Gilbert.... [read more]

The King's speech

by Uri Avnery

Sun 11th Dec 2011
Uri Avnery discusses the implications of a parliamentary bill that would seek to push the Palestinian population out of the West Bank and into Jordan... [read more]

Assassinating Egyptian Dreams

by Ahmed Amr

Fri 9th Dec 2011
Ahmed Amr reveals how the Egyptian military are suffocating the spirit of the Tahrir square revolution... [read more]

Hateful stories & hate crimes

by Felix McHugh

Wed 7th Dec 2011
Fuelled by tabloid media propaganda, Felix McHugh shows how hate crimes against disabled people are on the rise ... [read more]

No2VAG's request falls on deaf ears

by Ellen Graubart

Tue 6th Dec 2011
No2VAG has a legitimate right to be heard by the NLWA, as Ellen Graubart explains. The campaign group has requested a hearing at the Authority's meetings, and three times the group has been refused.... [read more]

The Struggle Continues

by John Wight

Tue 6th Dec 2011
Despite David Cameron's attempt to brush the November 30th strike under the carpet and continue with his attacks on the poorest, John Wight predicts that strong resistance to the cuts will continue.... [read more]