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Angry, broke and Homeless

by David Eade

Sat 29th Oct 2011
As the Spanish general election approaches, David Eade shows how a protest movement, led by the homeless, will be campaigning out on the streets.... [read more]

Local communities bear the brunt of the Con-Dem agenda

by Deborah X

Fri 28th Oct 2011
Deborah X provides a personal view of the effect of the coalition’s policies on single parents, their children and the communities in which they live... [read more]

Global Development: Aid the myth of Western support

by Elijah Pryor

Fri 28th Oct 2011
Elijah Pryor shows the true effect of Development Aid on poor countries... [read more]

With Gadhafi Gone, the West Acquires Licence to Loot Africa

by Colin Todhunter

Wed 26th Oct 2011
Colin Todhunter highlights the hypocrisy of Western powers and the compliance of Western media in the invasion of Libya and the murder of thousands of the Libyans.... [read more]

Capitalism's Lost Generation

by Rob Sewell

Mon 24th Oct 2011
Rob Sewell looks at the global problem of rising youth unemployment... [read more]

To the river...

by Emmeline Ravilious

Sun 23rd Oct 2011
Emmeline Ravilious reviews Olivia Laing's latest book 'To the River'... [read more]

Everybody's son

by Uri Avnery

Sun 23rd Oct 2011
Uri Avnery comments on the recent Israel-Palestine prisoner swap and the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit... [read more]

Slavery for Dummies - Part 2

by outRageous!

Thu 20th Oct 2011
Part 2 of an analysis by OutRageous! looking at the slavery endemic in our modern society.... [read more]

Show Me The Money

by George Monbiot

Tue 18th Oct 2011
We have a democratic right to know who is funding public advocacy, says George Monbiot.... [read more]

Iranian 'assassination plot': Cooked up to further U.S. aim of regime change?

by Mazda Majidi

Mon 17th Oct 2011
Mazda Majidi dissects US allegations of an Iranian plot to assassinate a Saudi diplomat on American soil.... [read more]

The More Enemies, The More Honor

by Uri Avnery

Mon 17th Oct 2011
Uri Avnery reflects upon Israel's faltering relations with its allies.... [read more]

Occupation of Wall Street- going from strength to strength

by Jean Claude van Itallie

Sun 16th Oct 2011
Jean Claude van Itallie gives an update on the Occupy Wall Street campaign ... [read more]

Russian and Chinese Opposition to Intervention in Syria a Welcome Development

by John Wight

Sun 16th Oct 2011
John Wight considers the decision by China and Russia to veto a recent UN Security Council Resolution condemning Syria... [read more]

What might make Christopher Hitchens change his mind about 1492?

by David Hill

Wed 12th Oct 2011
On the anniversary of ‘Columbus day’ David Hill questions journalist Christopher Hitchens' admiration of the year 1492... [read more]

Book review: Venceremos

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Wed 12th Oct 2011
Dr Tomasz Pierscionek reviews Howard Waxman's first novel- a political thriller called Venceremos... [read more]

Conservative Conference: Economy and House Building

by Mirela Ivanova

Tue 11th Oct 2011
Mirela Ivanova scrutinises David Cameron’s address to the Conservative Party conference... [read more]

A valuable victory for the anti-cuts movement- HSBC 3 Win Appeal

by Mark Tyres and Jonathan Proctor

Tue 11th Oct 2011
Mark Tyers and Jonathon Proctor show how a victory in court helps to protect the appetite and capacity of our movement's ability to protest... [read more]

'Illegal settlements' to be destroyed - just the wrong ones

by Matt Hill

Sun 9th Oct 2011
Matthew Hill takes a look at the plight of the Bedouin living in the Negev desert-a minority within Israel's Arab minority.... [read more]

Slavery for Dummies

by outRageous!

Sat 8th Oct 2011
OutRageous! takes a look at the slavery endemic in modern society. ... [read more]

These are the days of decision

by Jean Claude van Itallie

Sat 8th Oct 2011
Jean Claude van Itallie reflects on the recent occupation of Wall Street... [read more]

The tilted scales of justice

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Thu 6th Oct 2011
Dr Tomasz Pierscionek looks at how the state reacts when it feels its authority being usurped.... [read more]