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French Workers are on the Move

by Alan Woods

Sat 16th Oct 2010
Socialist Appeal's Alan Woods considers the significance of the recent industrial unrest in France.... [read more]

Obama's Next War Project

by Rhoderick Gates

Sat 16th Oct 2010
For all its rhetoric on Iraq, history suggests the Obama administration is likely to embark on a new war, says Rhoderick Gates.... [read more]

‘Dying to Win’: Newt Gingrich’s ‘Terrorism’

by Ramzy Baroud

Tue 12th Oct 2010
Bush may be gone, but right-wingers in the US are still exploiting public fears of terrorism to pursue their foreign policy agenda, as Ramzy Baroud explains.... [read more]

Behind the Coup in Ecuador

by Eva Golinger

Tue 12th Oct 2010
The recent coup attempt in Ecuador was just the latest attempt to destabilise independent development in Latin America, writes Eva Golinger.... [read more]

Media Ambivalence About 'Red Ed' is a Sign of the Times

by Nathaniel Mehr

Mon 4th Oct 2010
Nathaniel Mehr reflects on the media reaction to Ed Miliband's success in the Labour leadership election.... [read more]

Misunderstanding the FARC

by Garry Leech

Mon 4th Oct 2010
Garry Leech on why the media's so-called 'experts' on the Colombian guerrilla group keep getting it wrong.... [read more]

Book Review: Cuba's Education Revolution

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Mon 4th Oct 2010
Tomasz Pierscionek reviews Theodore MacDonald's new book, a comprehensive survey of Cuba's education system since 1959.... [read more]

Muslims: The modern day Jews?

by Ben Maisky

Fri 1st Oct 2010
Ben Missenden reflects on the parallels between the treatment of Jews early in the 20th Century and that of Muslims today.... [read more]

Arab Journalism and Egypt’s’ claimed control over UK’s mosques

by Iqbal Tamimi

Fri 1st Oct 2010
Iqbal Tamimi on the ego-fuelled misrepresentation of facts by the Arab press.... [read more]

Clinton Revises Colombia’s Drug History to Justify US Military Role in Mexico and Central America

by Garry Leech

Fri 24th Sep 2010
Garry Leech reflects on the Orwellian distortions in Hillary Clinton's recent comments on the history of US involvement in Central America.... [read more]

Venezuelan UN Speech Criticises "Market Totalitarianism"

by Tamara Pearson

Fri 24th Sep 2010
The Venezuelan ambassador to the UN, Jordge Valero, has delivered a stinging attack on global capitalism's failure to guarantee basic human rights, as Tamara Pearson reports.... [read more]

An Age of Consent of 14?

by Peter Tatchell

Fri 24th Sep 2010
Peter Tatchell argues education, not criminalisation, is the best way to protect children when it comes to sexuality.... [read more]

Mervyn King Comes to Town

by Rob Sewell

Fri 24th Sep 2010
Rob Sewell considers the significance of Mervyn King's address to the TUC in Manchester.... [read more]

Regarding US Muslims: A Misguided Debate

by Ramzy Baroud

Tue 21st Sep 2010
Ramzy Baroud on why there is a blinkered and one-sided view of what causes Islamaphobia in America and how best to tackle it.... [read more]

One Crazy Pastor Threatens to Ignite More Than The Quran

by Assed Baig

Wed 15th Sep 2010
Assed Baig on why one man's Islamaphobic beliefs will have big implications around the world.... [read more]

Thatcher and the Last Tory cuts

by Eric Hollies

Wed 8th Sep 2010
Eric Hollies puts today's coalition government in historical perspective by looking back on the brutal public spending cuts imposed by the Thatcher government.... [read more]

Behind the Israeli Wall: A Lesson in Reality

by Ramzy Baroud

Wed 8th Sep 2010
Rich Whiles' timely new book takes a refreshingly honest look at the experiences of the victims of Israeli apartheid, writes Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

The BBC’s defence of the ‘Death in the Med’ is far from being convincing or ethical

by Iqbal Tamimi

Tue 31st Aug 2010
Iqbal Tamimi on why the BBC's response to the complaints they received of bias in their 16th August 2010 Panorama programme is inadequate.... [read more]

Rebranding Iraq: Playing with Numbers and Human Lives

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 27th Aug 2010
As the US troop withdrawal begins in earnest, Ramzy Baroud asks: who won? And is the war really over?... [read more]

Lansley can Shove his White Paper

by John Lister

Thu 26th Aug 2010
The Tory-Lib Dem coalition is intent on a wholesale privatisation of the National Health Service, writes John Lister.... [read more]

Reformed Venezuelan Bank Law Separates Banks and Media

by Tamara Pearson

Sat 21st Aug 2010
Tamara Pearson reports on an important Venezuelan initiative to prevent the corporate media from getting directly involved in the banking and finance industries.... [read more]