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Cops Must Face Law

by Liz Davies

Fri 24th Apr 2009
Liz Davies says some pressing questions need to be answered about the way in which London's police conducted themselves during the G20 protests.... [read more]

Non-Violence in Palestine: Timing and Intentions

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 24th Apr 2009
Ramzy Baroud examines the discourse on violence in relation to the Israel-Palestine conflict.... [read more]

Ecuador's Correa Hoping for Parliamentary Majority

by Samuele Mazzolini

Fri 24th Apr 2009
Samuele Mazzolini previews the forthcoming elections in Ecuador.... [read more]

Is the New Statesman Committing Suicide?

by Nathaniel Mehr

Fri 24th Apr 2009
Examining a particularly unfortunate case of appalling journalism, Nathaniel Mehr wonders whether mainstream publications are complacent or just grossly out of touch.... [read more]

Budget: Where’s Our Bail-out?

by Mick Brooks

Fri 24th Apr 2009
As New Labour announces its new budget, Socialist Appeal's Mick Brooks provides his assessment of the British economic malaise.... [read more]

Hillsborough Twenty Years On

by Steve Jones

Fri 17th Apr 2009
With the nation marking the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy, Steve Jones reflects on the UK's worst stadium disaster.... [read more]

The Plot Thickens

by Solomon Hughes

Fri 17th Apr 2009
Solomon Hughes examines the sinister circumstances surrounding the detention of Babar Ahmad. ... [read more]

Israel Investigated, But Will It Repent?

by Ramzy Baroud

Fri 17th Apr 2009
Ramzy Baroud issues a call for justice for the victims of Israeli violence.... [read more]

Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia Pledge Peace and Economic Development

by James Suggett

Fri 17th Apr 2009
James Suggett on an encouraging meeting between Uribe and Chávez.... [read more]

Cross Your Fingers and Carry On

by George Monbiot

Fri 17th Apr 2009
George Monbiot asks: Why does the UK government refuse to make contingency plans for peak oil? ... [read more]

Apprenticeships for All

by Emma-Jane Cross

Fri 10th Apr 2009
Emma-Jane Cross argues that greater investment in apprenticeships would provide a much-needed boost to the UK economy.... [read more]

G20 Riot Police Kill Bystander

by Daniel Read

Fri 10th Apr 2009
In the wake of the unprovoked - and ultimately fatal - attack on bystander Ian Tomlinson at last week's G20, Daniel Read calls for an end to police brutality and the culture of police cover-ups. ... [read more]

Venezuela’s Chávez Declares Support for Obama’s Nuclear Disarmament Pledge

by James Suggett

Fri 10th Apr 2009
James Suggett on the Venezuelan president's declaration of support for a worldwide disarmament campaign.... [read more]

Plan Colombia: The New Military Strategy for Afghanistan?

by Garry Leech

Fri 10th Apr 2009
Garry Leech considers a worrying Washington initiative aimed at applying the disastrous 'Plan Colombia' counterinsurgency strategy to the battlefields of Afghanistan.... [read more]

Who's the Boss?

by Uri Avnery

Fri 10th Apr 2009
After a tumultuous few weeks in Israeli politics, Uri Avnery examines the worrying rhetoric emanating from the new administration.... [read more]

Monarchy: Wrong in Principle

by Graham Smith

Fri 3rd Apr 2009
Graham Smith, from the British campaign group Republic,on why republicanism matters.... [read more]

Circles of Crisis

by Michael Prior

Fri 3rd Apr 2009
Michael Prior examines the political crisis at the heart of the UK slowdown.... [read more]

The Internet: A Democratising Force or Information Overload?

by Matt Genner

Fri 3rd Apr 2009
Matt Genner examines the impact of the dot com revolution on democratic debate and political activism.... [read more]

Civil Servants or Arms Dealers?

by Selina Larsen

Fri 3rd Apr 2009
Selina Larsen on the cosy relationship between the UK government and the international arms trade.... [read more]

Interview: Ilan Pappe talks to London Progressive Journal

by Tomasz Pierscionek

Fri 3rd Apr 2009
Tomasz Pierscionek spoke with prominent Israeli academic and activist Ilan Pappe.... [read more]

President Obama Announces $1 trillion ‘New Deal’ Programme

by Christopher Vasey

Fri 27th Mar 2009
Christopher Vasey on the Obama administration's new initiative to kick-start the US economy.... [read more]