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The Egyptian Revolt is Coming Home

by John Pilger

Thu 17th Feb 2011
John Pilger reflects on Egypt and the revolution and what it means to leaders in the west.... [read more]

Kettled in TopShop

by Cristina Brooks

Tue 8th Feb 2011
Cristina Brooks recounts her treatment at the hands of the Metropolitan police while shopping during the student marches earlier this year.... [read more]

From Tiananmen Square to Tahrir Square

by Steven Colatrella

Sat 5th Feb 2011
Steven Colatrella on the nature of uprisings against the state in the wake of revolution in Tunisia and Egypt.... [read more]

Any Egyptian Demonstration Must Be A Riot

by Ahmed Amr

Thu 3rd Feb 2011
Ahmed Amr relates his experience from the front line of the anti-Mubarak demonstrations and considers culpability of the US in what happened. ... [read more]

Tunisia: How We Got Here and the Task Ahead

by Ramzy Baroud

Sat 29th Jan 2011
Ramzy Baroud reflects on the causes of the popular uprising and where we go from here.... [read more]

The Hunt for FARC Commander Alfonso Cano

by Garry Leech

Sat 29th Jan 2011
The Colombian military has had numerous successes targeting high-ranking leaders of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in recent years. Its two greatest successes were the killing of secretariat members Raúl Reyes in 2008 and Jorge Briceño, alias “Mono Jojoy,” last year. By Garry Leech... [read more]

Al Arabiya’s piracy and journalism’s codes of ethics

by Iqbal Tamimi

Sat 29th Jan 2011
Iqbal Tamimi on the rights of journalists and photographers and the attempts by major news organisations to ride roughshod over them.... [read more]

Jody McIntyre: Victim of Police Brutality and Media Distortion

by Ben Maisky

Sat 8th Jan 2011
The case of Jody McIntyre typifies the hypocrisy of the media discourse on political violence, writes Ben Missenden.... [read more]

Whitewashing Defeat

by Ramzy Baroud

Mon 27th Dec 2010
For all his poise and rhetoric, Obama’s indecisiveness is the defining feature of his presidency, says Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Bullying and Hijacking Muslim Women’s Voices in the UK Live on Air

by Iqbal Tamimi

Mon 20th Dec 2010
Iqbal Tamimi reflects on a gross incident of on-air sexist bullying on the UK Arabic TV channel, Alhiwar.... [read more]

Introducing ... British Government Plc

by John Green

Sun 19th Dec 2010
John Green on the growing preponderance of unelected advisors from the business sector in senior government roles. ... [read more]

Stating the Obvious: WikiLeaks Indicts and Vindicates US Diplomats

by Ramzy Baroud

Sun 12th Dec 2010
The Wikileaks disclosures have smashed the US government's edifice of rhetoric and lies about Iraq, writes Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Bewildering Times!

by Chris Mason-Felsing

Mon 6th Dec 2010
From student fees to taxes, the Liberal Democrats are increasingly being seen as cheerleaders for hard-line Tory policies, writes Chris Mason-Felsing.... [read more]

Conflict on the Korean Peninsula

by Kevin Gray

Mon 6th Dec 2010
The tensions on the Korean border are unlikely to die down so long as the US maintains its intransigent stance towards North Korea, says Kevin Gray.... [read more]

Students Lead the Way in the Fight Against Austerity Measures

by Ben Maisky

Sun 28th Nov 2010
The two huge student protests that rocked London were just the tip of the iceberg, writes Ben Missenden.... [read more]

Bush Didn't Write No Damn Book

by Ahmed Amr

Tue 16th Nov 2010
The former US president's autobiography is little more than a revisionist hoax, writes Ahmed Amr.... [read more]

Another Baghdad Massacre: Iraqi Christians Are Already at Home

by Ramzy Baroud

Sat 13th Nov 2010
Media rhetoric over the struggles of Iraqi Christians represents classic 'divide and rule' imperialism, writes Ramzy Baroud.... [read more]

Tamil Asylum Seekers Face Arrest and Torture in Sri Lanka

by Catherine Wilson

Sat 13th Nov 2010
Catherine Wilson reports on the plight of asylum seekers detained in a Sydney immigration centre.... [read more]

How Should We Invest? A Juxtaposition of War and Welfare

by Joseph Daniels

Mon 8th Nov 2010
The coalition insists we need to cut the deficit. Fine - but that doesn't have to mean destroying the welfare state, argues Joseph Daniels.... [read more]

Professor Nutt Urges New Thinking on Drugs

by Tom Bangay

Mon 8th Nov 2010
As the controversial medical expert David Nutt finds himself back on the news agenda, Tom Bangay considers the vexed question of drug law reform.... [read more]

Miliband: The Knives are Already Being Sharpened

by Michael Prior

Tue 2nd Nov 2010
Now that the dust has settled on Ed Miliband's surprise victory in the Labour leadership election, Michael Prior considers the challenges facing the new leader as he seeks to move the party away from Blairism.... [read more]