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If markets weren't masters and economics worked for people

by Alfie Stirling

Wed 27th Feb 2013
The choice on the one hand is for people to be a resource for a rich economy. The choice on the other is for a rich economy to be a resource for society. Alfie Stirling explains... [read more]

Democracy is licking its wounds but the fight for social justice is gathering momentum

by Alfie Stirling

Tue 8th May 2012
Sadly, the resounding feature of the 2012 local elections is one of a weak democracy. It’s true that of the 32 per cent of people who decided to vote, more voted Labour than any other party. But the dominant characteristic of 2012 is that almost seven in every 10 people decided that the election wasn’t worth the walk to the polling station writes Alfie Stirling.... [read more]

Euro zone crisis: A Green alternative

by Alfie Stirling

Sun 19th Feb 2012
We are watching economic injustice crush a nation before our eyes. On 20 March, Greece must meet the next tranche of debt repayments,says Alfie Stirling.... [read more]