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Paying by the mile

by Sam Hunt

Mon 7th May 2012
Sam Hunt lets off steam as he tallies up the cost of running a car these days... [read more]

University fees and a recession?

by Sam Hunt

Sat 28th Apr 2012
Sam Hunt says whenever he says that he doesn't believe in the recession, he feels like some sort of conspiracy theorist, yet considering the vast scope of our economy even at a base level it makes him too sceptical to believe that the recession is anywhere near as large as it is made out to be, if not completely non-existent. One such example is the revenue that universities generate.... [read more]

Coalition: crafty or chaotic?

by Sam Hunt

Fri 30th Mar 2012
Offering businesses a PR opportunity with the Prime Minister, and riling up the public into believing fuel will disappear in the very near future, both seem like quick and highly-profitable business ventures, writes Sam Hunt ... [read more]