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Greece's Big Smog: Neoliberal austerity, public health, and the environment*

by Ilia Xypolia

Fri 15th Feb 2013
Neoliberal austerity in crisis-torn Greece has a significant implication for public health and the environment. The disturbing reality is that the unbearable cost of heating oil for a large portion of the country's population has led to an increased use of solid fuel heating, writes Ilia Xypolia.... [read more]

More than just a Game: football as the modern opium of the masses

by Ilia Xypolia

Wed 20th Jun 2012
The spectacle of sport, like the 2012 Euro Cup, is the primary medium through which nations and national identities are imagined, writes Ilia Xypolia.... [read more]

Sorry, folks..the wake is over

by Ilia Xypolia

Sat 26th May 2012
The change in the Greek political scene is an opportunity for Europe, not a threat, argues Ilia Xypolia.... [read more]