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The Inexorable Weight of Expectation

by Safreena Rajan

Fri 23rd Jan 2009
In the week of Barack Obama's historic inauguration, Safreena Rajan examines the key issues which Obama will have to address in order to deliver on his promise of "change".... [read more]

The Bailout: A Reality Check for America

by Safreena Rajan

Fri 3rd Oct 2008
Safreena Rajan on why the present recession is a damning indictment of the incompetence of the Bush administration.... [read more]

Cyclone Nargis: Exposing Forgotten Truths About the Burmese junta

by Safreena Rajan

Fri 16th May 2008
Illegitimate, out of touch and increasingly isolated, the Burmese junta may struggle to regain its former prominence in the aftermath of Cyclone Nagis. ... [read more]

A Prime Minister for Kenya?

by Safreena Rajan

Fri 7th Mar 2008
Safreena Rajan considers the prospect of power-sharing in Kenya after Kibaki and Odinga's historic settlement.... [read more]