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by Elizabeth Ellis

Mon 14th May 2018
A poem by Elizabeth Ellis ... [read more]

A Teacher's Lot Is Not a Happy One

by Elizabeth Ellis

Sun 1st Feb 2015
Inspectors come into my school for a maximum total of two days. They observe a few teachers for about twenty minutes each and then pass momentous and life changing judgements on their practice... [read more]

A Modest Proposal for the Improvement of the Younger Generation

by Elizabeth Ellis

Tue 26th Nov 2013
It is a most distressing sight to see various education ministers and other self seeking professionals falling over each other to gain credit at the expense of so many poor teachers and their most unfortunate children... [read more]

Shallow Depths

by Elizabeth Ellis

Mon 18th Feb 2013
In front of me is a copy of today's Khaleej Times; its front page story is about a speech by His Highness Shaikh Mohammed who is the Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, writes Elizabeth Ellis... [read more]

Teachers' Low Morale

by Elizabeth Ellis

Fri 4th Jan 2013
For the first time in my life, if a youngster were to ask me if s/he should become a teacher, I would find myself feeling intensely uncomfortable repeating the old mantra about teaching being an honourable profession, a caring profession says Elizabeth Ellis... [read more]

Our Home - A Human Unity Statement

by Elizabeth Ellis

Fri 2nd Nov 2012
Elizabeth Ellis reminds us of humanity's mission statement... [read more]

Condemnation partly motivated by hindsight

by Elizabeth Ellis

Wed 26th Sep 2012
The condemnation of past behaviours has become fashionable. It is partly motivated by hindsight. It is also partly motivated by sheer outrage, as any decent and humane person cannot help but be outraged by man's often barbaric treatment of other human beings, writes Elizabeth Ellis.... [read more]

The Delusion of Democracy

by Elizabeth Ellis

Mon 17th Sep 2012
Elizabeth Elis reminds us that when added together, minorities form a majority and it is only through unity that power can be wrested away from a tiny elite and placed firmly in the hands of the masses... [read more]