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Lies, damned lies, and PMQ’s (without the statistics or mandate)

by Nathaneal Sansam

Wed 21st Nov 2012
Nathaneal Sansam comments on two elections that took place on the same day: the Corby by-election and election of a Police and Crime Commissioner in Humberside... [read more]

The Liberal Democrats: Liberalism in the European sense only

by Nathaneal Sansam

Tue 16th Oct 2012
After months of activity and apologies, the message from Nick Clegg to the left of centre voter was this: "We are not the party for you." At least, this was the message I took away with me. Not just from the Lib-Dem conference but also from the New Statesman article by Richard Reeves, Clegg's former director of strategy, writes Nathaneal Sansam.... [read more]