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Retrospective: Interview with Howard Zinn

by Daniel Pye

Fri 29th Jan 2010
The radical historian and activist Howard Zinn died this week, aged 87. In 2008, he gave this interview with London Progressive Journal's Daniel Pye.... [read more]

Surrogates: Who's Behind the Attacks in Iran? (part one)

by Daniel Pye

Fri 23rd Oct 2009
In the first of a two-part essay examining the background to the recent terrorist attack in Iran, Daniel Pye looks at the US government's employment of proxy armies or 'surrogates' in its bid for strategic control of the Middle East. ... [read more]

Their Guns Will Not Conquer

by Daniel Pye

Fri 28th Nov 2008
Daniel Pye on the multi-faceted struggle of the Karen against Burma's military government.... [read more]

Shadow Networks: Violence, War and Plunder in the Great Lakes Region of Africa

by Daniel Pye

Fri 2nd May 2008
Colonial rivalry and capitalist exploitation are at the heart of the violence in the Congo.... [read more]

Interview: Howard Zinn talks to London Progressive Journal

by Daniel Pye

Fri 25th Apr 2008
Daniel Pye speaks to the legendary American historian and peace activist Howard Zinn.... [read more]