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About Billy Larsson

Billy Larsson, Ph D in Psychology, is a licensed psychologist and therapist, that also studied environmental psychology at Gothenburg University. Became interested in climate issues some five years ago, after encountered a client that were in need of therapy for ‘climate anxiety’. Dr Larsson is initiator to the network Radikaliseraklimatpolitken.nu (radicalize the climate politics now) that is an internet call to get Swedish politicians to take necessary means to curb the emission, even if this would lead to changes in life style in regards to travelling habits, food, and lower material standard. Larsson is also active in the climate networks Framtidsrealisterna (the future realists) and Steg3 (Step3)

Articles Written

Our psychology makes us neglect the victims of climate change

by Billy Larsson

Fri 30th Nov 2012
Psychologist Billy Larsson looks at how our human psychology prevents us from stepping up to the mark and dealing with the imminent problem of climate change... [read more]