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The Left Will Only Win the Argument When It Takes Back Control of the Conversation

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Fri 5th Aug 2016
Let the Left fracture into smaller pieces, and then let it unite in a coalition determined to change the minds of the voters... [read more]

Now for the Rise of the Republic of The North!

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Sat 9th May 2015
It’s not only the Scots who are disillusioned with Westminster politics. The 2015 election once again doomed the north to five more years under a leadership it hasn’t voted for... [read more]

Bury my Heart at Gaza City

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Thu 21st Aug 2014
The similarities between the building of Israel and the US are astonishing. The native people are portrayed as savage, inherently violent, unable to understand peace... [read more]

The JFK Conspiracy Theories and Why they Still Matter Today

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Tue 19th Nov 2013
It is now fifty years ago, come November 22nd, that John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in an event that had a huge bearing on the course of history from that day on... [read more]

The End of Money

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Thu 25th Apr 2013
It’s Time to End Our Slavery to the Money-System declares Oliver Thompson ... [read more]

The Shame and Duty of a Paranoid State

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Sat 19th Jan 2013
The rise of neo-Zionism in Israel goes against everything Jews have struggled against for centuries, explains Oliver Thompson ... [read more]

It’s like Déjà-Vu All Over Again

by Oliver Lewis Thompson

Thu 13th Dec 2012
The Israeli-US rhetoric towards Iran is more than just hollow threats. History shows us why Iran is next in the firing line, and why an invasion just might be inevitable. ... [read more]