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The JFK Conspiracy Theories and Why they Still Matter Today

by Oliver T

Tue 19th Nov 2013
It is now fifty years ago, come November 22nd, that John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas in an event that had a huge bearing on the course of history from that day on... [read more]

The End of Money

by Oliver T

Thu 25th Apr 2013
It’s Time to End Our Slavery to the Money-System declares Oliver Thompson ... [read more]

The Shame and Duty of a Paranoid State

by Oliver T

Sat 19th Jan 2013
The rise of neo-Zionism in Israel goes against everything Jews have struggled against for centuries, explains Oliver Thompson ... [read more]

It’s like Déjà-Vu All Over Again

by Oliver T

Thu 13th Dec 2012
The Israeli-US rhetoric towards Iran is more than just hollow threats. History shows us why Iran is next in the firing line, and why an invasion just might be inevitable. ... [read more]