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The Undeserving Pedro Sanchez

by Mike Summers

Sun 24th Jun 2018
If Spain’s PSOE “socialist” party is to be remembered for any one single thing, perhaps that will be weak leadership. ... [read more]

The Day That Spanish Democracy Died

by Mike Summers

Thu 12th Jun 2014
These are exciting times for Spanish royalists. They anticipate a new king, and it appears they are going to get one... [read more]

Why a Major Spanish News Story Doesn't Get Into Foreign Press

by Mike Summers

Wed 2nd Apr 2014
Mike Summers gives a first hand account of a major protest involving over a million angry people who never existed, according to the Spanish media.... [read more]

New Year Misery in Spain

by Mike Summers

Fri 4th Jan 2013
On the second day of the new year a 57-year-old family man in Malaga set fire to himself because he has no work, no money and no future says Michael S... [read more]

Revolution in Spain

by Mike Summers

Mon 17th Dec 2012
Mike S reports on a Spain at the crossroads of change... [read more]