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Based: Alicante Spain

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The Day That Spanish Democracy Died

by Mike Summers

Thu 12th Jun 2014
These are exciting times for Spanish royalists. They anticipate a new king, and it appears they are going to get one... [read more]

Why a Major Spanish News Story Doesn't Get Into Foreign Press

by Mike Summers

Wed 2nd Apr 2014
Mike Summers gives a first hand account of a major protest involving over a million angry people who never existed, according to the Spanish media.... [read more]

New Year Misery in Spain

by Mike Summers

Fri 4th Jan 2013
On the second day of the new year a 57-year-old family man in Malaga set fire to himself because he has no work, no money and no future says Michael S... [read more]

Revolution in Spain

by Mike Summers

Mon 17th Dec 2012
Mike S reports on a Spain at the crossroads of change... [read more]