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UK's Libel Laws: Still a Legal Minefield

by Demetrius Notice

Fri 2nd Jul 2010
Reform of the UK's libel laws could have an important impact on political debate, writes Demetrius Notice.... [read more]

London's New Fare System is Messy and Inadequate

by Demetrius Notice

Fri 8th Jan 2010
London's commuters have a new fare system to grapple with. As Demetrius Notice explains, it's all rather complicated.... [read more]

UK Libel Law Needs Reforming

by Demetrius Notice

Fri 25th Dec 2009
Two high-profile cases in 2009 have highlighted the desperate need for reform of the UK's libel laws, as Demetrius Notice explains.... [read more]

US Electorate Votes on Social Policy Issues

by Demetrius Notice

Fri 14th Nov 2008
Major upheavals at the national level have overshadowed local developments in much of the US election coverage. Demetrius Notice rounds up a number of important state-level ballot measures pertaining to various aspects of social policy.... [read more]

Heathrow AirTrack Scheme to Ease the Burden on Commuters

by Demetrius Notice

Fri 25th Jul 2008
Demetrius Notice argues that BA's new Airtrack railway project will benefit commuters.... [read more]