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Kudos for civic activism and social justice: you are a born communicator!

by David Rahni

Sat 21st May 2016
As we stroll along the transitory journey of life, it is only natural to progressively focus first and foremost on our education, acquiring skills, career aspirations, and perhaps marriage... [read more]

Believe In Bernie: Support and Vote for Sanders!

by David Rahni

Thu 14th Apr 2016
Bernie is the only candidate who has unwaveringly stood for socio-economic justice, educational and political empowerment, civil and constitutional rights for all... [read more]

Nowruz, the Persian New Year at the spring vernal equinox

by David Rahni

Sun 20th Mar 2016
Nowruz in Persian literally means the first day [of the New Year]. It is the most prominent seasonal celebration of the solar calendars... [read more]

Iran - A Travelogue to Home Away from Home

by David Rahni

Sun 6th Mar 2016
David Rhani describes his latest trip to Iran... [read more]

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The latest skirmishes and its impact on Syria’s future

by David Rahni

Sat 9th Jan 2016
The regional power struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia has intensified as a result of Riyadh’s summary execution of Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr... [read more]

Cultural Zoroastrianism: The Commonality amongst the South-Central-West Asians

by David Rahni

Tue 14th Apr 2015
The people of Zoroastrian faith, ethnically Persian, can be traced back in history for over 4,000 years... [read more]

An Iranian model of altruism, volunteerism, philanthropy and scholarship in the Diaspora

by David Rahni

Wed 1st Apr 2015
The devotion of one’s intellectual and material resources to the betterment of human society has been emphasized in Persian literature, culture and religions since the earliest times... [read more]

Nowruz, the New Year at the spring vernal equinox

by David Rahni

Fri 20th Mar 2015
Nowruz in Persian literally means the first day... [read more]

Bosnia and Croatia: What is the tie with Iran?

by David Rahni

Tue 24th Jul 2012
Professor David Rahni uses etymology to explain how different cultures may have more in common with each other than they think... [read more]

Human Conflict- is there a solution?

by David Rahni

Wed 4th Jul 2012
Professor David Rahni of Pace University, New York, asks a controversial question- Are humans genetically programmed for destruction, greed and fear of others?... [read more]

Bahrain: a microcosm that typifies the intensifying dilemma of the Arab regimes

by David Rahni

Thu 31st May 2012
David Rahni discusses the political deadlock in Bahrain... [read more]

No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Threat: Bush Administration to Proceed Regardless

by David Rahni

Fri 4th Jul 2008
Professor David Rahni considers the background to the lastest round of US sabre-rattling on Iran.... [read more]