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Bosnia and Croatia: What is the tie with Iran?

by David Rahni

Tue 24th Jul 2012
Professor David Rahni uses etymology to explain how different cultures may have more in common with each other than they think... [read more]

Human Conflict- is there a solution?

by David Rahni

Wed 4th Jul 2012
Professor David Rahni of Pace University, New York, asks a controversial question- Are humans genetically programmed for destruction, greed and fear of others?... [read more]

Bahrain: a microcosm that typifies the intensifying dilemma of the Arab regimes

by David Rahni

Thu 31st May 2012
David Rahni discusses the political deadlock in Bahrain... [read more]

No Evidence of Iranian Nuclear Threat: Bush Administration to Proceed Regardless

by David Rahni

Fri 4th Jul 2008
Professor David Rahni considers the background to the lastest round of US sabre-rattling on Iran.... [read more]