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Big Business Loots Carbon Trading Scheme

by Fred McDowell

Fri 30th Jan 2009
Fred McDowell argues that free market solutions to the problem of industrial pollution are bound to fail.... [read more]

‘Close to One Billion’ People Going Hungry. That’s Capitalism.

by Fred McDowell

Fri 19th Dec 2008
Fred McDowell on a UN report which is offers a damning indictment of the failures of the capitalist world economy.... [read more]

Benefit Claimants in Government's Firing Line

by Fred McDowell

Fri 5th Dec 2008
Fred McDowell on New Labour's latest populist diversion.... [read more]

Working Time – Britain’s Opt-out to End?

by Fred McDowell

Fri 28th Nov 2008
Fred McDowell on an EU-led initiative to end British workers' "right" to opt out of the 48-hour maximum limit on the working week.... [read more]

Outsourcing in the UK: How Widespread?

by Fred McDowell

Fri 15th Aug 2008
Fred McDowell on the rise of outsourcing in the UK's public services.... [read more]

Iraqi Trade Unionists In Danger

by Fred McDowell

Fri 8th Aug 2008
Fred McDowell on how Iraq's puppet government is targeting Trade Unionists using anti-union laws passed under Saddam Hussein.... [read more]