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The Great Depression

by Michael Roberts

Fri 27th Feb 2009
Michael Roberts argues that the big "bailouts" of financial institutions have exposed the fallacy behind the "free market" ideologies which have dominated British and American political and economic systems for the past thirty years.... [read more]

Crisis: The Worst Since the 1930s

by Michael Roberts

Fri 9th Jan 2009
Michael Roberts argues the present economic slump is merely the first stage of a long-term deflationary depression.... [read more]


by Michael Roberts

Fri 24th Oct 2008
Michael Roberts on why the present economic crisis demonstrates the vulnerability of "free market" capitalism. ... [read more]

Financial Meltdown Deepens

by Michael Roberts

Fri 19th Sep 2008
In the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Michael Roberts examines the present financial slump. ... [read more]

The Credit Cruch - One Year On

by Michael Roberts

Fri 15th Aug 2008
Twelve months on from the beginning of the current economic crisis, Socialist Appeal's Michael Roberts examines the causes and effects of the so-called "Credit Crunch".... [read more]