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The Recession, Labour Productivity and the ‘Mole of Revolution’

by Dan Morley

Fri 28th May 2010
Dan Morley reflects on why - the Greeks apart - workers across Europe and America have not turned to class-based political struggle in these recession-hit times.... [read more]

Bosses' Pay - the Worse They do, the More They Want!

by Dan Morley

Fri 2nd Apr 2010
Enormous compensation packages are keeping bosses happy amid the misery of economic stagnation, writes Dan Morley.... [read more]

Students - Join the Fight for Socialism

by Dan Morley

Fri 24th Oct 2008
As the academic term begins in earnest, Socialist Appeal's Dan Morley outlines why students should join the struggle for socialism.... [read more]

Making Money From Education

by Dan Morley

Fri 12th Sep 2008
Dan Morley on the drive to introduce free market principles into the education system.... [read more]