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In Defence of Lenin

by Rob Sewell

Fri 24th Jan 2014
Following the 90th anniversary of Lenin's death, Rob Sewell reviews his legacy... [read more]

Capitalism's Lost Generation

by Rob Sewell

Mon 24th Oct 2011
Rob Sewell looks at the global problem of rising youth unemployment... [read more]

Mervyn King Comes to Town

by Rob Sewell

Fri 24th Sep 2010
Rob Sewell considers the significance of Mervyn King's address to the TUC in Manchester.... [read more]

The Cleggameron Coalition Comes to Power; the New Labour Era Ends.

by Rob Sewell

Fri 14th May 2010
Socialist Appeal's Rob Sewell reflects on the historic events of the past few days at Westminster.... [read more]

Welcome to Austerity Britain

by Rob Sewell

Fri 6th Nov 2009
Whoever wins the next election, 'austerity' - i.e. cutting back services for those who need them most - will be the watchword of British politics for the next few years, as Rob Sewell explains.... [read more]

Political Crisis Deepens in Britain

by Rob Sewell

Fri 22nd May 2009
Rob Sewell picks apart the media furore over the MPs' expenses scandal which has rocked British politics over the past fortnight.... [read more]

Gutter Press Campaign Aims to Distort Union Demands

by Rob Sewell

Fri 20th Feb 2009
Rob Sewell on the mainstream press's campaign to discredit the unions in the wake of recent strike action.... [read more]

Top Economic Strategist Warns of ‘Catastrophe and Revolution’

by Rob Sewell

Fri 31st Oct 2008
Rob Sewell on how the financial press is interpreting the economic crisis.... [read more]