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Expelled for being a socialist: victim of the #LabourPurge

by Terry McPartlan

Sat 19th Nov 2016
UNISON activist Terry McPartlan arrived home one day to find a letter stating that he’d been expelled from the Party after 36 years of continuous membership.... [read more]

Saltley Gate 1972

by Terry McPartlan

Sun 5th Feb 2012
Terry McPartlan recalls how forty years ago coordinated and determined action by unions halted the Conservative government's plans to drive down living standards... [read more]

The Tempo of the Struggle

by Terry McPartlan

Fri 16th Jan 2009
Socialist Appeal's Terry McPartlan provides a Marxist analysis of the current financial crisis.... [read more]

World Capitalism Looks Into the Abyss

by Terry McPartlan

Fri 14th Nov 2008
Socialist Appeal's Terry McPartlan on how the present economic crisis could enhance class consciousnous and provide the impetus for far-reaching social change.... [read more]