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Ukraine, the price of survival: from civilian aircraft to attack drones

by Tina Schivatcheva

Fri 4th Mar 2016
The Ukrainian aviation conglomerate Antonov was more than an industry; it was a legend... [read more]

Life, Oil and Ghosts in the delta of the river Niger

by Tina Schivatcheva

Sun 22nd Mar 2015
Sweet and light - crude oil from the delta of the river Niger is the major Nigerian commodity and European and American companies export it for a profit... [read more]

In the wake of the German elections – the all-too-soon forgotten Euro Hawk drone scandal

by Tina Schivatcheva

Tue 1st Oct 2013
The German federal elections have just run their course and the CDU/CSU gained the lion’s share of the public's support. Apparently the electoral results were unaffected by the major political scandal of the summer... [read more]