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The New Colony - Balochistan

by Assed Baig

Tue 28th Feb 2012
Assed Baig comments on US initiatives to gain access to a previously ignored mineral rich area of the globe... [read more]

One Crazy Pastor Threatens to Ignite More Than The Quran

by Assed Baig

Wed 15th Sep 2010
Assed Baig on why one man's Islamaphobic beliefs will have big implications around the world.... [read more]

Welcome to Palestine: A First Hand Account of Arbitrary Detention

by Assed Baig

Fri 16th Apr 2010
Ten days ago, London Progressive Journal contributor Assed Baig was arrested and grilled by Israeli solidiers who mistook him for a Palestinian. His story offers a glimpse of the everyday reality for many Palestinians.... [read more]

The Israeli Occupation: The Bubble Has to Burst

by Assed Baig

Fri 9th Apr 2010
Reporting from Al Najah, Assed Baig looks at how Palestinians are coping with the increase in Israeli settlement building.... [read more]

Elderly and the Sick Pay the Price as Egypt Tows the US-Israeli Line

by Assed Baig

Fri 22nd May 2009
Reporting from the Rafah-Gaza border in Egypt, Assed Baig presents a damning assessment of the Egyptian authorities' subservience to US policy in the region.... [read more]

Pakistan: Civilians Paying the Price for the 'War on Terror'

by Assed Baig

Fri 1st May 2009
Assed Baig on the humanitarian tragedy resulting from join US-Pakistani military actions in the border regions of Pakistan.... [read more]

Report from a Refugee Camp in Kashmir

by Assed Baig

Fri 30th Jan 2009
As India and Pakistan engage in sabre rattling troops have been moving towards their forward deployments, Assed Baig asks: What about the victims of this age-old rivalry?... [read more]