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Nuclear Deal or Not?

by Rachel Kohan

Sun 6th Sep 2015
The ratification must be solely entrusted to the U.S. and Iran-- and NOT to Israel and Saudi Arabia... [read more]

US-Iran Nuclear Deal and Rapprochement: The Historic U.S Policy Paradigm Shift in the “Middle East” and Beyond

by Rachel Kohan

Fri 14th Aug 2015
With the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, western foreign policy is undergoing a fundamental paradigm shift... [read more]

The Nuclear with Iran and the Prospect of Regional Transformation

by Rachel Kohan

Sat 18th Jul 2015
The long anticipated historic nuclear accords between the P5+1 countries and Iran is now poised to set a new milestone for non-confrontation and dialogue... [read more]

The American role in reshaping the future of the Middle East

by Rachel Kohan

Tue 5th May 2015
The imminent prospect of a comprehensive accord between Iran and the P5+1... [read more]

The plausible normalisation of U.S.-Iran Diplomatic Relations: Who are the losers and winners?

by Rachel Kohan

Thu 26th Mar 2015
The gains to all sides from a nuclear resolution and the strategically inevitable normalisation of relations between the U.S. and Iran will far outweigh the collective perceived losses... [read more]

Israeli Prime Minister to appear before the US Congress

by Rachel Kohan

Tue 3rd Mar 2015
The much hyped up appearance of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the US Congress... [read more]

The Origin of Islamic fundamentalism and possibilities for its eradication

by Rachel Kohan

Fri 16th Jan 2015
The global resurgence of violent Islamic fundamentalism can only be circumvented with a full comprehension and acknowledgment of what has historically gone wrong... [read more]

The Imminent Prospect of a US-Iran Breakthrough worries the Hawks

by Rachel Kohan

Sat 15th Nov 2014
The international community grapples once again with the imminent prospect of a “nuclear deal” between the US (P5+1) and Iran before the extended deadline of November 24 arrives... [read more]

The US Role and Iran in Southwest Asia

by Rachel Kohan

Thu 21st Nov 2013
Déjà vu all over again: US foreign policy has once again arrived at a critical historical crossroad... [read more]