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Brexit: The Supreme Court Decides!

by Mark Horner

Sat 4th Feb 2017
Ten lords and one lady justice of the Supreme Court decided that triggering Article 50 requires the authority of parliament.... [read more]

Brexit has another day in court!

by Mark Horner

Fri 25th Nov 2016
The British government will take Brexit to court one more time... [read more]

Brexit has its day in court!

by Mark Horner

Sat 12th Nov 2016
The third day of November 2016 was an historic day for parliamentary democracy. It was a day on which an investment fund manager and a hairdresser took on the might of the UK government in the High Court and won... [read more]

An Australian Health Warning for UK MPs

by Mark Horner

Mon 1st Aug 2016
A national health service is not a discretionary budgetary expense but rather it is a non-discretionary investment made in retaining or gaining a seat in parliament.... [read more]

The UK leaves Europe but will the English language remain?

by Mark Horner

Fri 8th Jul 2016
Though the UK leaves Europe, its English language will remain to unite Europe. ... [read more]

Corbyn – A Very British Story

by Mark Horner

Thu 17th Sep 2015
Nowhere else in the world of politics, other than in Britain, is there or could there be a Jeremy Corbyn... [read more]

Malcolm Fraser, RIP

by Mark Horner

Thu 26th Mar 2015
John Malcolm Fraser, prime minister of Australia from 1975 to 1983, passed away on 20 March 2015... [read more]

Where trade agreements are a risk to sovereignty

by Mark Horner

Wed 24th Dec 2014
A nation's sovereign right to determine matters within its borders is put at risk where its government signs a trade agreement which includes a dispute resolution clause known as an Investor State Dispute Settlement ('ISDS') clause... [read more]

The G20 Leaders Communique′

by Mark Horner

Sun 23rd Nov 2014
Mark Horner critically reviews four major themes of the G20 Leaders Communique... [read more]

Gough Whitlam – It's Time to Rest In Peace

by Mark Horner

Sun 26th Oct 2014
Edward Gough Whitlam (”Gough Whitlam”), a former Labour prime minister of Australia, passed away on 21st October, 2014 at 98 years of age ... [read more]

Tony Benn A Great British Thinker

by Mark Horner

Mon 17th Mar 2014
Tony Benn, the former British MP known to millions, has passed away at the age of 88. He died peacefully on 14 March 2014 at home surrounded by his family... [read more]

Melbourne Honours "The Auschwitz Volunteer"

by Mark Horner

Sat 22nd Feb 2014
Captain Witold Pilecki was a Polish hero who, amongst many of his heroic deeds in World War II, volunteered to be captured and sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau camp (“Auschwitz”)... [read more]