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About Thabo Miller

Based: Somerset
Thabo Miller grew up in the Tory heartlands of Mid Somerset, before moving to the North East of England to learn folk music. Unfortunately, medical school interfered with this and he returned to the South West still unable to play his accordion.

Whilst in the North East, Thabo continued a family tradition and became involved in the Communist Party of Britain; being a member of the Northern District committee and being the Northern District representative on the Elections Preparation Committee at the 52nd Party Congress in 2012. He is a member of the Communist Party of Britain commission in the People’s Assembly Against Austerity.

Thabo is the convener of the Teesside People’s Assembly, and was a member of the North East People’s Assembly steering committee before he moved to the South West. He is currently involved in establishing further local and a regional group in Somerset.

Thabo is currently working as a Trust Grade surgeon in the South West of England, with a view to paediatrics as a long term career plan. He also holds an Honorary Clinical Lectureship in Medicine, Pharmacy and Health at Durham University, and is a member of the Medical Education Research Group there, with research interests in improving assessment quality, and in patient safety.

In his personal life, Thabo enjoys camping, walking, going to festivals and playing folk music.

Articles Written

What the Trade Union movement can learn from the junior doctors’ dispute. (Part 2)

by Thabo Miller

Sat 3rd Sep 2016
In the first of these two articles we examined the successes of the junior doctors strike and how they were brought about. In this concluding part we examine what didn’t work so well... [read more]

What the Trade Union movement can learn from the junior doctors’ dispute. (Part 1)

by Thabo Miller

Sat 27th Aug 2016
All industrial disputes should be assessed to see what we can learn for the future, and the junior doctors’ dispute is no different.... [read more]

The left wing case for quitting the EU

by Thabo Miller

Thu 1st Oct 2015
Much of the left would agree that the European Union does not always function in the best interests of either the European or International working class... [read more]

The Peoples Assembly - Flexing Our Muscles

by Thabo Miller

Wed 9th Apr 2014
Dr Thabo Miller encourages the People's Assembly to adopt an electoral strategy... [read more]

The People's Assembly- Building an Alternative

by Thabo Miller

Mon 31st Mar 2014
The People’s Assembly has the potential to become the successor to the popular fronts of the 1930s in uniting the broad left writes Dr Thabo Miller... [read more]