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Whither Iran?

by Maziar Razi

Fri 19th Feb 2010
In the wake of the demostrations of 11th February, which saw hard-liners and pro-democracy campaigners alike take to the streets of Tehran, Maziar Razi assesses the balance of forces in Iranian politics.... [read more]

Workers' Participation is Necessary for Final Push in Iran

by Maziar Razi

Fri 8th Jan 2010
If the unrest in Iran is to culminate in a radical upheaval, Iran's workers will have to take centre-stage, argues Maziar Razi.... [read more]

Open Letter to Mir-Hossein Mousavi

by Maziar Razi

Fri 17th Jul 2009
Maziar Razi throws down the gauntlet to Mr Mousavi, the 'reformist' candidate in the recent Iranian elections.... [read more]

Marxists Must Stand Firm Against Ahmadinejad

by Maziar Razi

Fri 10th Jul 2009
An Iranian Marxist makes a plea to Venezuelans to reject their government's support for Iran's reactionary president Ahmadinejad.... [read more]