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The Argo Deception: How Hollywood masks the ugly truth of Iran-US relations

by Lila Ghobady

Thu 28th Mar 2013
Exiled Iranian journalist and documentary filmmaker, Lila Ghobady, talks about the fabrication of history through film... [read more]

Exchanging Puppets: Why the International Left Should Not Support Iran's So-Called Reformist Leaders

by Lila Ghobady

Fri 7th Aug 2009
Lila Ghobady argues that the leadership of Iran's reformist movement does not have the country's interests at heart.... [read more]

No Matter Who Runs the Islamic Republic of Iran, They Would Stone Me to Death

by Lila Ghobady

Fri 24th Jul 2009
Lila Ghobady outlines why Iran's 'reformist' candidate does not represent a real alternative to the repressiveness of the incumbent regime.... [read more]