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The Saudi Arabian “Kingdom” remains the most egregious Rogue State Sponsor of Terrorism Worldwide

by Pirouz Azadi

Sat 3rd Nov 2018
The Saudi clan of nearly 100,000 have spent their nation’s vast wealth on self-indulgence, military adventurism, and fabricating a historical narrative in their most luxurious palaces... [read more]

Iran and Iranians: The Historical Contributions to Humanity

by Pirouz Azadi

Mon 26th Dec 2016
A form of organised central government in one form or another, as ruled by over 30 dynasties, has governed Iran since antiquity... [read more]


by Pirouz Azadi

Sat 15th Oct 2016
A poem by Rumi, translated by Pirouz Azadi... [read more]

Iranian-Americans are once again the Scapegoat; why?

by Pirouz Azadi

Sun 27th Dec 2015
The inspiring quote from Emma Lazarus on the Statue of Liberty encapsulates our nation’s vision... [read more]

The “Sacrificial” Annual Mass Killing of Muslims in Mecca

by Pirouz Azadi

Tue 27th Oct 2015
The recent stampede incident, that has been repeated over the past many years during Hajj, has devastingly resulted yet again in thousands killed, maimed and injured.... [read more]