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America’s Brexit: to fight Trump, fight Capitalism!

by John Peterson

Sun 13th Nov 2016
What once seemed unthinkable — akin to an episode of the Twilight Zone — has become a surreal reality... [read more]

The War on Terror and the Terror of War

by John Peterson

Fri 16th Jan 2015
The vicious cycle of state and individual terror continues unabated. Marxists have long explained that imperialism and Islamic fundamentalism are two aspects of the same reactionary phenomenon—the decay and decline of capitalism—which threatens to take the whole of humanity down with it.... [read more]

The CIA, Torture, and American “Democracy”

by John Peterson

Sun 11th Jan 2015
The Senate report on CIA torture reads like a Stephen King novel, a transcript from the Nuremberg trials, or Josef Mengele’s notes from Auschwitz... [read more]