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About John Lane

Based: Malvern
John Lane (J.S. Lane) was born in Leamington Spa in 1943 and lived in Coventry until 1959. He read philosophy at Lancaster University, Birkbeck College and again at Lancaster, gaining an M.Litt in 1975 for work on the logic of Freud's use of unconscious motives in psychoanalytic explanations of behaviour.

He lectured in the History and Theory of Art at the University of Central Lancashire until 2003.

He is the author of 'The Mountain'. A selection of his poetry, 'Reflections of an Untidy Mind', is due to be published in June 2015.

Since 2010 he has lived in Great Malvern, Worcestershire.

Articles Written

Thatcher’s Clothes Saved for the Nation

by John Lane

Mon 23rd Nov 2015
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Living Well in 1915

by John Lane

Thu 15th Oct 2015
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The Riderless Horse

by John Lane

Wed 22nd Apr 2015
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Education, Education, Deprivation

by John Lane

Thu 26th Feb 2015
If you were a university student at any time from 1962 to 1989, you received a maintenance grant; it started off at a little under £400 p.a. and reached £1,430 in 1980... [read more]


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Tue 17th Feb 2015
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by John Lane

Tue 27th Jan 2015
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