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Cut to Shreds: Injustice for All

by Richie Nimmo

Wed 27th Oct 2010
The coalition government's vicious attack on the public sector amounts to nothing less than a political coup d'état, says Richie Nimmo.... [read more]

Thatcherism Phase Two

by Richie Nimmo

Fri 9th Jul 2010
The UK's 'progressive coalition' is implementing a neo-Thatcherite revolution, a war against the poor, writes Richie Nimmo.... [read more]

Election 2010: Don’t Mention the Class War

by Richie Nimmo

Fri 16th Apr 2010
'New' Labour is too close to big business to deliver the radical change the country needs, but it is by far the lesser of the two evils on offer, writes Richie Nimmo.... [read more]

Our Hollowed Out Democracy

by Richie Nimmo

Fri 26th Feb 2010
Thus far, the Tory and Labour election campaigns have been a showcase of the hypocrisy at the heart of British politics, writes Richie Nimmo.... [read more]