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The Suffering of Palestinian Refugees in Jordan

by Clive Hambidge

Sat 15th Oct 2016
To highlight suffering is one thing, to alleviate suffering yet another.... [read more]

In the Panama Capers we Trust

by Clive Hambidge

Sun 1st May 2016
The leaked Panama Papers, from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca & Co, are spilling the beans on the details of what the rich, powerful and greedy get up to with unseemly amounts of dosh... [read more]

Questions of Power and Slavery

by Clive Hambidge

Tue 8th Dec 2015
All governments encroach, creep into our lives, and smother our minds with ever more legislation that infringes our human rights and civil liberties... [read more]

Committee room 9: “Scotland and Palestine: Building Friendship and Solidarity”

by Clive Hambidge

Fri 27th Nov 2015
Clive Hambidge reports on a recent seminar at the Houses of Parliament: “Scotland and Palestine” Building Friendship and Solidarity... [read more]

“Conflict Issues” In Israel and Palestine: Debate in Committee Room G, British Houses of Parliament

by Clive Hambidge

Sat 14th Nov 2015
Sitting in Committee Room G in the Houses of Parliament on 23rd October was a sobering affair... [read more]