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Professor Nutt Urges New Thinking on Drugs

by Tom Bangay

Mon 8th Nov 2010
As the controversial medical expert David Nutt finds himself back on the news agenda, Tom Bangay considers the vexed question of drug law reform.... [read more]

April Fools

by Tom Bangay

Fri 1st May 2009
Tom Bangay looks back on a turbulent month in British domestic politics.... [read more]

Book Review: John Docker, 'The Origins of Violence'

by Tom Bangay

Fri 20th Mar 2009
Tom Bangay reviews John Docker's expansive literary genealogy of genocidal violence.... [read more]

Brown Inches Closer to Ingsoc

by Tom Bangay

Fri 19th Sep 2008
Tom Bangay on why Brown's Britain is sleepwalking into a surveillance society.... [read more]

Britain Sleepwalks Towards 42-day Detention

by Tom Bangay

Fri 20th Jun 2008
As the Brown government seeks to push through 42-day detention, Tom Bangay argues this latest counter-terrorism measure is impractical, unpopular, and an affront to civil liberties. ... [read more]

Obama Moves Quickly to Court Israel Lobby

by Tom Bangay

Fri 13th Jun 2008
Barack Obama's recent comments on his Israel-Palestine policy suggest real "change" is definitely not on his Middle East agenda.... [read more]