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Britain’s Neo-colonial Policies in Oil-rich Nigeria Fuel War and Malnutrition

by TJ Coles

Sun 17th Mar 2019
The controversial re-election of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari underscores the militarization of the country’s political system and economy... [read more]

Crimes of Empire: How Historical Fake News Contributed to Imperial Genocide

by TJ Coles

Fri 26th Oct 2018
Fake news is as old as empire, maybe even older... [read more]

Ultimate Racists”: A Catalogue of Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in the British Conservative Party, 2015-2018

by TJ Coles

Sun 19th Aug 2018
Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s remarks about veiled women looking like “letter boxes” is the tip of a very large iceberg... [read more]

You can’t have human rights in a neoliberal economy: Britain and the Universal Declaration at 70

by TJ Coles

Wed 6th Jun 2018
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948... [read more]

Tory austerity has killed more people than ISIS: Austerity as State-terrorism

by TJ Coles

Sun 19th Nov 2017
Islamic State is frequently referred to as the biggest threat facing Britons. But an even bigger one, in terms of death and social division, is austerity... [read more]

Dangerous Times: John Pilger Discusses North Korea, China and the Threat of Nuclear War and Accident

by TJ Coles

Sun 17th Sep 2017
Western media continue to distort the chronology of cause and effect, inverting reality to claim that North Korea is provoking the West. John Pilger talks to T.J. Coles about the situation.... [read more]

Random Arrows and a Big Fist: Noam Chomsky Discusses Trump, Russia, the Middle East and Latin America

by TJ Coles

Tue 5th Sep 2017
A few months ago, I interviewed Noam Chomsky as part of our new book Voices for Peace: War, Resistance and America’s Quest for Full-spectrum Dominance... [read more]

The Myth of Trump’s Nationalism and Non-Intervention

by TJ Coles

Wed 5th Jul 2017
For all their obvious flaws, one of the good things about early Trump supporters in the US was their opposition to war.... [read more]

“Confronting China”: John Pilger Talks about His New Film, America’s ‘Pivot to Asia’, and the Role of Japan and Australia

by TJ Coles

Sun 30th Oct 2016
T.J. Coles, author of Britain’s Secret Wars talks to multi-awarded-winning journalist, author and filmmaker, John Pilger, about his new documentary, The Coming War on China... [read more]