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Change of society: the only option for progressives to survive changes in society

by Marco Senatore

Wed 17th May 2017
So far, this year seems to have inverted the trend observed in 2016... [read more]

Getting out of mass society in order to foster social change

by Marco Senatore

Thu 26th Jan 2017
Social change needs good politics. Good politics needs communities. And communities need individuality... [read more]

The left as an alternative to both populism and neoliberalism

by Marco Senatore

Wed 28th Dec 2016
2016 has been the year of Brexit, Trump’s election and the defeat of the Italian prime minister Renzi in the constitutional referendum... [read more]

Autonomy and progressive policies

by Marco Senatore

Sun 18th Dec 2016
How much should individuality be important for progressive forces? And is it possible to reconcile economic utility and individual autonomy?... [read more]