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Here’s a Joke: Democracy in Bahrain

by Mohamad Kleit

Sat 1st Dec 2018
On Saturday 24th November Bahrain held its second general election since the “Arab Spring”... [read more]

For the Bahrainis Bahrain was Never Independent

by Mohamad Kleit

Mon 27th Aug 2018
Bahrain is celebrating what is known as “the week of independence”, where several celebrations take place to commemorate the end of the British mandate on 16th August 1971.... [read more]

The Victorious Delusional Three in Damascus

by Mohamad Kleit

Sun 22nd Apr 2018
The US, UK, and France launched a 30 minute attack on Syria for an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian military on Islamist militants in the small city of Douma, just 9km away from the capital Damascus... [read more]

Saudi-led war on Yemen in its 4th year: the blood on the UK’s hands

by Mohamad Kleit

Fri 2nd Mar 2018
In less than a month, the four year anniversary of the Saudi-led war on Yemen takes place, with no real solution in sight or clear hope for a total cease-fire in one of the world’s poorest countries... [read more]