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‘No Love on the Streets’: Knife crime in Britain

by Graham Peebles

Wed 13th Feb 2019
There is something fundamentally wrong with a society when children feel they have to carry deadly weapons in order to protect themselves.... [read more]

A Global Battle of Values and Ideals

by Graham Peebles

Sun 27th Jan 2019
With each day that passes the conflict and animosity between the conservative reactionary forces and the global movement for progressive change becomes more acute, uglier and increasingly dangerous... [read more]

Tribal Nationalism vs Global Unity

by Graham Peebles

Sun 6th Jan 2019
Change, discontent and uncertainty are some of the most prominent characteristics of the times.... [read more]

Britain’s Homeless Crisis

by Graham Peebles

Wed 26th Dec 2018
Under the suffocating shadow of economic austerity, homelessness in Britain is increasing, poverty and inequality deepening.... [read more]

Fracking Filthy Fuel

by Graham Peebles

Sat 1st Dec 2018
Hydraulic fracking is the process of releasing gas and oil from shale rock: huge quantities of water, proppant (usually sand ) and chemicals are injected at high-pressure into hydrocarbon-bearing rocks... [read more]

Public Spaces Private Control

by Graham Peebles

Sun 11th Nov 2018
The commercialization of public spaces in British cities and elsewhere in the industrialized world is going on apace.... [read more]

Sharing is Key to a New Economic and Democratic Order

by Graham Peebles

Sun 14th Oct 2018
In order to meet the colossal challenges of the time, fundamental change to the socio-economic order is needed... [read more]

Alcohol: Why do we drink?

by Graham Peebles

Sat 8th Sep 2018
Alcohol consumption is one damaging effect among many that flow from this dominant socio-economic system... [read more]

Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Destructive Lifestyles

by Graham Peebles

Sun 19th Aug 2018
Throughout the world heat waves, flooding and uncontrollable wildfires have caused widespread havoc, lives have been lost, homes destroyed, livelihoods ruined. ... [read more]