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George Galloway’s “Bradford Spring” & the fight for the alternative

by Ben Maisky

Fri 30th Mar 2012
Ben Maisky explains how George Galloway’s overwhelming victory in the Bradford West by-election demonstrates a clear rejection of the three main parties and their policies.... [read more]

Protests turn to Riots as Working Classes Vent Their Anger

by Ben Maisky

Wed 10th Aug 2011
As the dust settles on the UK riots, Ben Maisky considers the possible causes of the recent civil unrest. ... [read more]

Gaddafi, the War on Libya and the Left

by Ben Maisky

Mon 1st Aug 2011
Ben Maisky scrutinises Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s Socialist and anti-imperialist credentials and questions whether certain sections of the left are mistaken in their support for Gaddafi.... [read more]

Jody McIntyre: Victim of Police Brutality and Media Distortion

by Ben Maisky

Sat 8th Jan 2011
The case of Jody McIntyre typifies the hypocrisy of the media discourse on political violence, writes Ben Maisky.... [read more]

Students Lead the Way in the Fight Against Austerity Measures

by Ben Maisky

Sun 28th Nov 2010
The two huge student protests that rocked London were just the tip of the iceberg, writes Ben Maisky.... [read more]

Muslims: The modern day Jews?

by Ben Maisky

Fri 1st Oct 2010
Ben Maisky reflects on the parallels between the treatment of Jews early in the 20th Century and that of Muslims today.... [read more]