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Referendums of History

by G.LL. Williams

Sat 11th May 2019
Referendums are part of history.... [read more]

Referendums of Politics - Part II

by G.LL. Williams

Sun 5th May 2019
For the British Left the response to Brexit offers both opportunity and disaster ... [read more]

Referendums of Politics - Part I

by G.LL. Williams

Wed 1st May 2019
Great Britain, since 2016, has gone through a difficult period. This difficult period has been caused by the politics of Crisis, the politics of Brexit, and the politics of the Referendum of 2016... [read more]

Short Essay on Brexit and the Left

by G.LL. Williams

Tue 16th Apr 2019
Brexit is the major political crisis in Britain today. Brexit is dividing the British Left... [read more]