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Lots of soldiers could die in Iraq — and not fighting ISIS

by Michael Prysner

Wed 24th Sep 2014
U.S. troops today should take that lesson to heart. It is not worth being the cannon fodder in another arrogance-driven military adventure in the Middle East... [read more]

An Iraq war veteran's reflection

by Michael Prysner

Sat 1st Feb 2014
Before President Obama even began the State of the Union address, two people I knew in the audience, from two defining points in my life... [read more]

USC cancels event with war criminal General David Petraeus one day after veteran-led protest announced

by Michael Prysner

Sat 28th Sep 2013
Former Iraq war veteran, Michael Prysner, explains how the anti-war movement has General Petraeus running scared, from LA to NYC... [read more]

Our officers kill more U.S. troops than the Taliban

by Michael Prysner

Mon 27th Aug 2012
No solution will come from our chain-of-command—the solution is fighting our chain-of-command. Michael Prysner, former US army corporal and Iraq war veteran, discusses record suicides amongst active-duty soldiers and reminds troops that they do not have to fight wars of imperialism... [read more]

Leon Panetta in Iraq: More lies, more war

by Michael Prysner

Wed 3rd Aug 2011
Michael Prysner, reveals how the newly appointed American Secretary of Defence, Leon Panetta, is bringing back Bush-era rhetoric and pushing to extend the occupation of Iraq.... [read more]