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Thatcher and the Last Tory cuts

by Eric Hollies

Wed 8th Sep 2010
Eric Hollies puts today's coalition government in historical perspective by looking back on the brutal public spending cuts imposed by the Thatcher government.... [read more]

Pension Rights And Wrongs

by Eric Hollies

Fri 11th Dec 2009
Socialist Appeal's Eric Hollies on how Britain's bosses and directors continue to prosper while the financial crisis takes its toll on the rest of the nation.... [read more]

Back to Boom and Bust

by Eric Hollies

Fri 18th Jul 2008
Eric Hollies on the self-fulfilling prophecy of the global economic downturn.... [read more]

Heathrow - It's Terminal

by Eric Hollies

Fri 18th Apr 2008
Eric Hollies examines the government's contradictory position on climate change.... [read more]