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Spend Now, Pay Later?

by Elijah Pryor

Sat 18th Jan 2014
Climate change is happening, all over the world, not just in certain locations... [read more]

The Schumacher Institute: An Interview with Ian Roderick, Director

by Elijah Pryor

Sun 10th Nov 2013
Born in 1911, Ernst Fritz Schumacher was and continues to be one of the most inspiring environmental writers that the UK has ever had... [read more]

Climate Change and Marxism

by Elijah Pryor

Mon 21st Oct 2013
Using Karl Marx's early works, Elijah Pryor asks if there is an alternative to the Capitalism vs Communism debate?... [read more]

NHS In Crisis: The Story of Torrington Community Hospital

by Elijah Pryor

Mon 2nd Sep 2013
Elijah Pryor discusses the significance of Torrington Community Hospital for the North Devon community and the campaign to challenge cutbacks to the hospital's services... [read more]

Permacation: how a mixed environment can bring about a better delivery of education

by Elijah Pryor

Sat 24th Aug 2013
There is no secret in saying that the National Curriculum was not introduced to promote co-operation or individual ingenuity. Elijah Pryor advocates a different model for learning... [read more]

Education for the Masses

by Elijah Pryor

Sat 27th Jul 2013
If education served to empower people, they would be taught how to live off the land, how to clean, how to talk to other people and how to pursue their own interests... [read more]

The Errors of the ‘Localism Act’: Tax, Growth and Urban Expansion

by Elijah Pryor

Thu 18th Jul 2013
Elijah Pryor identifies several problems associated with the introduction of the Localism Act... [read more]

You are now leaving Working England, Welcome to Middle England: The socio-economic underachievement of Neo-Liberalism in attaining reduced class disparity

by Elijah Pryor

Mon 6th May 2013
Since the economic reform of the 1980’s, politicians like Blair, Thatcher and Prescott absolutely believe that the working class no longer exists and the majority of UK citizens are now middle class, writes Elijah Pryor.... [read more]

Social Constructionism Applied to Working Class Educational Attainment

by Elijah Pryor

Mon 26th Nov 2012
Elijah Pryor looks into the origins, definitions and theory of Social Constructionism and explains inequalities faced by working class children in education... [read more]

Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Corporate Interest?

by Elijah Pryor

Thu 28th Jun 2012
Elijah Pryor talks about the power of the media in formulating the public's opinions... [read more]

Can the far-right be blamed for their Ignorance?

by Elijah Pryor

Tue 17th Jan 2012
For years now the debate over choices of far-right supporters has created social and ethical tensions. Since the political rumble of the 1970s and 1980s, which sparked far-left and far-right tensions, the far-right membership has increased and declined more than any other political following, writes Elijah Pryor.... [read more]

Global Development: Aid the myth of Western support

by Elijah Pryor

Fri 28th Oct 2011
Elijah Pryor shows the true effect of Development Aid on poor countries... [read more]